Eye candy: The Mughal style

Hello dearies! This is the Mistress of Spize, cooking up a lot of salt n sour, sweet n saucy stories and observations for you. Sniff! Can you smell, my preparation? Aroma is in the air and smoke is already rising from my ‘hot’ pot.<br/><br/>Let’s talk about eye-candy! The latest would be Hrithik’s sword brandishing scene from Jodhaa Akbar. Man! how his muscles flexed as he challenged Aishwarya’s defiance. That perfectly carved body language said it all without a word. It drew sighs from women across all ages. It was so amusing to hear a huddled group of aunty jis chatting about that perfectly chiselled body. And I was shocked to see the teeny-weeny teenagers just ogling. The sword-brandishing scene kind of bonded all females. And, let me tell you, it is that scene which will be remembered when all would be forgotten about Jodhaa Akbar. <br/><br/>For the male species, well, the latest eye-candy is the catty eyed Katrina Kaif and her sizzling item-numbers.<br/><br/>Dearies, I am sure you would be bursting with excitement to relate such stories and add on to the story-churning pot. Do interact and relate your rare observations through comments. Mistress of Spize is all ears! <br/>Love ya!<br/>

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