Festive Tidings

Updated: Oct 06, 2011, 12:03 PM IST

As Gautama Buddha said: We are travellers on a cosmic journey – stardust, swirling and dancing in the eddies and whirlpools of infinity. <br/><br/>The reverberating drum beats are symbolic of progress. The steady steps towards a goal. Of the female deity’s journey earthwards. And our aspired spiritual flight. A traverse to meet to Shakti…. The epitome of power and peace. <br/><br/>When the mind meets matter; there is a dance of dynamic energies. <br/><br/>Weariness of mundane thoughts and struggles cease; there is ecstatic eruption of joy. <br/><br/>Even if the lofty goals of bliss are unachievable for us - the more ordinary, there is reason to rejoice. <br/><br/>In the nation of naysayers, the festive season is a positive sentiment. That binds with the bond of celebration. <br/><br/>As a child I witnessed with fascinated eyes, the enactment of mythology. The victory of good over evil. It was more like a compelling story than a sermon of righteousness. <br/><br/>The great clapping and the burst of crackers. The demolition of the villain, who is consumed by licking flames. <br/><br/>The toys that we carried home. The wooden bows and arrows. And the clay temples. Those emblematic possessions which we guarded with honour. <br/><br/>And as adults the Puja pandals hold a warm welcome. The decorated Goddess. Fierce, compassionate, bejewelled, benevolent and blessed. <br/><br/>Cultural gaiety and piety mix with splendor. For a moment the struggle of daily lives is forgotten. <br/><br/>The fasting and the feasting. The mélange of the opposites. <br/><br/>Life is a fete. Love it and live it.


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