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Five scenes to watch out for during CWG

By Chayan Rastogi | Last Updated: Friday, September 24, 2010 - 20:32
Chayan Rastogi
Cheesy Nib

Finally, the countdown to <b>Commonwealth Games 2010</b> has begun.

With only a few days to go for the mega-sporting event to begin in the Indian capital, CWG Organising Committee has called for a total lockdown of stadiums that are going to host the Games. So now, no more leaked pics of paan stained washbasins, leaky ceilings, damaged tiles and ready-to-collapse stadium stands till the day when all the ‘real’ action gets started.

The ‘wealth’ stories have become too ‘common’ to generate any interest about the ‘games’ and already a lot has been written and said about the unprecedented work done by Kalmadi and Co. to pull off the event.

From bad to worse, and worse to ugly; Delhites have seen national and international media taking the sheen off capital’s pride and whatever happens in the next one month will surely be lesser than anticipated!

Here is a <b>list of 5 scenes</b> which shouldn’t amaze you, if they were to happen during Delhi Commonwealth Games, 2010.

<b>Bolt getting the jolt</b>: Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt, who voluntarily skipped the event thinking it to be sub-standard, could well be in for some high voltage shock during these games. With all thanks to awesome rain this season, athletes running on wet running tracks can slip and skid the distance breaking Bolt’s record run of 100 metres in 9.58 seconds!

<b>Invention of new sports</b>: Get ready to see the last minute changes in the traditional sporting events and welcome the new and improvised if not improved sports during the Delhi games. With drainage system of the capital choked and water pools everywhere on the roads and stadium ground, new games like cycle swimming, fishing championship and under water sports are on the cards!

Now you know what necessity is the mother of invention means, eh!

<b>Cut the pace, play Tennis without ‘ace’</b>: Imagine a player serving with 150 miles/hour speed and the ball gets caved in inside the court! With ‘quality’ materials being used for the stadia, this could well be a reality and thus tennis players who play the high energy game could be barred from playing tennis this time. Every team could be asked to cut down on fiery pace from their serves and aces could be completely banned from the games.

<b>Pull-out a bliss, not shame</b>: With all the major countries and top players thinking to opt out of the Delhi’s mega event, the event can turn out to be national championship!

For the first time, India will win all gold, silver and bronze medals and Mr. Kalmadi and Mrs. Dikshit will be honoured for pulling-out this magic trick off their hats.

And last but not the least

<b>Ajmal Kasab as the ambassador of security arrangements</b>: Ajmal Kasab could be named as the brand ambassador for CWG security arrangements. When a terrorist like him can be safe in our country, the security concerns by innocent players and team officials just seem an over-reaction!

Having said that, as an Indian, the pathetic build up for these games just makes me shiver because of the fear of the unknown. We’ve reached at the time when one cannot decide less disgraceful option among- cancelling the CWG or actually letting it happen!

I am seriously waiting for something to collapse on one of the government officials who are telling us that everything is right at the CWG. Alas, can’t even trust the false ceiling’s strength if one day Suresh Kalmadi tries to hang himself for the embarrassment he has caused Indians.

Nothing has gone right with the games, not even the official song by AR Rehman, who I think has got lucky for not to be sued for Rs 6 crores for giving us the most boring theme song ever to be created for a sports event.

With all the ways looking closed to save the CWG embarrassment, the only option now left with us is to pray, pray and pray some more.

First Published: Friday, September 24, 2010 - 20:32

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