Furlough, privileges - a celebrity’s fundamental right!

It takes years to deliver justice here. But a few people are glad as such delays suit them the best. Special treatment and privileges make their lives rosier and they make the most of their treasured celebrity status!

Who says all are equal in the eyes of law?

Victims continue to endure the pain by recalling dreadful incidents that tear them apart. But how does it really matter? Irony dies a thousand deaths when a convicted celebrity continues to enjoy the advantages of being one!

The celebrity convict cites illness, family member’s illness and various other reasons to seek parole. But other convicts (who are non celebrities) cannot dare to put up similar requests and even if they do, how many of their applications get sanctioned?

Interestingly, the celebrity convict finds support from the fraternity he belongs to. Yes, support from those members who claim to be flag-bearers of morality. A certain celebrity on a TV show based on social evils had once spoken against candidates with criminal background, just ahead of the general elections last year. But he himself doesn’t seem to have inhibitions working with a colleague of his, convicted of a heinous crime.

A celebrity is influential, has the money and the power to mend things his own way. And things become brighter, if he hails from a politically connected family. Surprisingly, the ones who don’t waste time outraging against politicians go mysteriously silent when a convicted member from their industry plays politics with the immeasurable grief of the victims of a terribly disturbing incident.

Did you know a celebrity convict has his family to take care of and has other commitments too? He isn’t ordinary. He alone has health issues and other domestic obligations. And hence he has the right to apply for frequent paroles and enjoy months outside the ‘discomfort’ of prison!

When he gets out of jail after being blessed with parole requests, he becomes a recipient of heroic reception. He throws a party for his colleagues, who stand by him through thick and thin and lives glorious moments. But who cares if his ecstasy comes at the cost of someone else’s agony.

His jail-term comes across as job which merrily gives him frequent vacation allowances. Isn’t that interesting? His position, by virtue of his birth or rather destiny, is undoubtedly his pride and onlookers’ envy.

A common man in this country strives hard to earn a square meal. He toils hard under the sun to earn his livelihood. Nothing comes easy for him, absolutely nothing. And on the other hand, we have people in the country, who are born with silver spoons.

The judicial system in the country gives hopes to the millions who are not privileged. But when such cases of special treatment, despite denials by authorities, come to the fore, commoners lose faith in the system. Trust deficit replaces faith that keeps hopes alive.

Such unjust treatment only forms a fraction of the overall flawed system which needs immediate attention and resurrection. Else, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that justice delayed is justice denied.

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