Geriatrics, jailbirds and elected for life...the sorry farce of India`s Olympic mess

Updated: Dec 06, 2012, 16:20 PM IST

YOU have ruined my 80th birthday whined Vijay Kumar Malhotra the chief of the Indian Olympic association after my Kahiye Janab shoot on the mess that led to India being thrown out of the Olympics.

But since he turned 80 and had spent 40 years heading the archery association, I thought I was certainly entitled to blow out some birthday candles.

Why is the Indian politician such a limpet and worse, clings on to dear life to chairs, office and all sport federations in India!

Have you seen a bunch of more unfit people than the assorted jailbirds, geriatrics and other such sundry sorry figures who preside over this Olympian mess?

While, expecting the athlete to genuflect and turn cartwheels before them they preside over decade long orgies of loot. Two names Suresh Kalmadi, the king of Indian athletics till the gravy train got derailed in Tihar jail, and aforementioned jailbird Lalit Bhanot fresh out of jail and back in the association has made our country a pariah nation.

Why does every politician feel that along with the lal batti, the Lutyens bungalow heading and misusing an athletic discipline is part of his entitlement?

Clearly, the pickings are good or else they would not cling on for life. Malhotra told me that he had been elected to the poor archery federation by 90 percent vote. He lost his cool when I said that it sounded like a Soviet election but, at least the Soviet Union produced decent athletes.

When I told Malhotra that the entire country was shamed by their acts, he was in denial.

But, let`s not just be. It`s time to end the sorry farce and follow international norms.