‘Guzaarish’ – The way I see it

Updated: Oct 13, 2010, 12:46 PM IST

I know many people did not love ‘Saawariya’ but when I think of that film today; I can safely say that for me it was one of the most memorable films of the last decade.<br/><br/>Teaser of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s next magnum opus ‘Guzaarish’ is beamed on TV as I sit to write not exactly what you can call the movies’ preview, but how we tend to classify a movie in lot many ‘bad’ ways, than ‘good’.<br/><br/>Honestly, I fail to understand when the audience will go the next level. I accept that everyone has different opinions and I feel that any film should be high on entertainment; for that is the sole reason you’d go to watch the film, but to start bashing it without any prior knowledge is really the worst thing.<br/><br/>People make a decision depending on a director’s last flop. Now, that’s not the right thing to do. Half of them don't know what they are talking about. It’s really sad. Why is there so much hatred for no reason at all? <br/><br/>By the first look of it, ‘Guzaarish’ comes across as an artistic Indian film shot in India.<br/><br/>And let me say that, there are no words to describe the promo. It’s just fabulous…and Hrithik’s looking out of the world. The fly scene is brilliant…in a way touching. When he gives up trying to get rid of it and smiles submissively, that’s where one can feel the emotional impact.<br/><br/>Especially the tune in the background in that scene is so haunting. I love it and the one in which he is laughing hard and falls off the bed. The dance scenes and magic scenes are also beautiful. I am sure that whole film will be visually stunning!<br/><br/>I am as speechless as the promo. It is mesmerizing. It needs no words. This is real cinema. Hrithik and Ash look superb. In fact I would go all out to applaud Hrithik, Ash and the ‘Guzaarish’ team and thank them for showing us an emotional side of humanity.<br/><br/>A tale of survival…living life happily in the most difficult of times – well, what else do you want.<br/><br/>Hrithik challenges himself in his every new movie. It’s astounding how he can change his body language, his expressions.<br/><br/>Now about allegations that SLB essentially lifted lot of his projects from the past works like Sarat Chandra’s masterpiece ‘Devdas’ and ‘Saawariya’ from Fyodor Dostoevsky's short story ‘White Nights’. I say that some of the greatest films have been made from already existing stories, but those stories in themselves were not great as literature; they acquired greatness by getting translated on the silver screen.<br/><br/>There is a silent poetry in it which is absolutely exquisite, eternal, tranquil and beautiful. The teaser of ‘Guzaarish’, co-produced by UTV Motion Pictures and Sanjay Leela Bhansali, was extremely impressive thanks to the brilliant cinematography and interesting music by the director himself.<br/><br/>Bhansali’s speciality is that he knows his thing and is passionate about it. What he can do only he can do. After looking at the trailer the only thing I expect from ‘Guzaarish’ is to get completely lost and drenched in it. I really don’t care about BO, realism, critics, audience, awards or whatever accolades. The promo feels really magical, that’s all I have to say. <br/><br/>Its high time Indian audience should wake up and start appreciating this kind of quality cinema. It’s only when Bollywood starts focusing on quality that the audiences will also start appreciating precious films.<br/><br/>Hrithik is a fantastic actor and maverick Bhansali has used this talent to optimum level, at least that’s what I can vouch for after looking at the films’ first promo. The gamut of expressions he has on his face is mind blowing. <br/><br/>The magic of this magician can be felt by the tagline of the film which goes:<br/><br/><i>See what I see… feel what I feel…and believe what I believe…</i><br/><br/>Every scene seems powerful. And Aishwarya, what can I say about her…she’s looking as beautiful ever…I would have to write a full piece to talk about her brilliance.