Happy B’day MJ

Updated: Aug 30, 2011, 18:00 PM IST

On 24th February 1993, Los Angeles, California, Janet Jackson introduced a legend, an extraordinary talent that changed the face of the music once and for all. The King of Pop, the heartthrob of billions, an inspiration for music lovers and at the same time a mystery – an eccentric, outlandishly freakish personality for millions of people around the world as her brother.<br/><br/>The 12 time Grammy award winner walked up to the stage with an innocent gait, having no arrogance of a pop icon, a celebrity, a star. Instead, with a child like enthusiasm, having a misunderstood affection for all who loved or despised him throughout his life, Michael Jackson received Grammy Legend award with a two minute standing ovation from a renowned crowd and that rhythmically chanted ‘We Love You’ <br/><br/>Michael Jackson hugged his sister and said, “It feels good to be thought of as a person and not as a personality. I wasn’t aware that the world thought that I was so wired and bizarre, but when you grow up as I did, in front of 100 million people since the age of five. You are automatically different.”<br/><br/>Of course, he was different. He was like an angel, a son of God whom we, the ignorant masses, the followers, the lovers, the haters, crucified for all his blessings, which he bestowed upon us through his immortal music.<br/><br/>We remember everything about him. <br/><br/>We remember him as the lead vocalist of Jackson five at the age of five in the mid 1960’s.<br/><br/>We remember his ‘Off The Wall’ plunge, establishing him as an unconventional solo artist.<br/><br/>We remember ‘Thriller’ which became and still remains the best selling album of all times.<br/>We remember the Motown Moonwalker as a scintillating spectacle.<br/><br/>We remember him dancing with young generation making Pepsi, the right choice with “we are the world”.<br/><br/>We remember his ‘Dangerous’ expeditions in 32 countries making the masses fall in front of his murderous moves.<br/><br/>We remember the spectacular super ball halftime show before the largest audience in TV history, singing ‘Heal The World’ and by all means healing it with all his philanthropist and charitable works worldwide.<br/><br/>We remember when ‘HIStory’ repeated itself.<br/><br/>We remember him as the accused of one of the most heinous crimes against humanity - the charges of child molestation. <br/><br/>But, do we remember that before being all this, before becoming The King of Pop, before becoming an idol and an icon for millions…<br/><br/>He was a Human.<br/><br/>He earned popularity at the cost of his childhood. It wasn’t young Michael’s wish to become a veteran, before a teenager. It was his father’s unfulfilled desires that paved the way for MJ to a celestial success, which ended up in a dubious death.<br/><br/>We don’t know anything about real Michael Jackson. What we experienced was a strikingly spectacular illusion of an artist, who made the whole world walk with him on the moon.<br/><br/>It was the magic of Michael which overpowered his own inner self. So much of genius, so much of talent, so much love, can never be detained into a mere human form. His physical instability could be a reason for that. <br/><br/>No matter what, even if we didn’t like him, didn’t understand him, thought of him as some sort of alien with divine talent. We couldn’t pull or eyes off from this spectacle sensation. We all love him in some way or the other.<br/><br/>Generations to come will keep on watching, admiring and getting inspired by the legacy which MJ has left behind. <br/><br/>Yes, we all remember the time when we dangerously walk down to a thriller with a bad man whom we cherish throughout our lives and much more…<br/><br/>HAPPY B’DAY MJ.


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