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Hate speech: Time to reinvent your politics Mr Owaisi

By Akrita Reyar | Last Updated: Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 18:10
Akrita Reyar
Shades of Grey

It’s shameful to say the least and hateful even to make a mention. But Akbaruddin Owaisi felt no compunction in mouthing vituperative diatribe with the finesse of a fire spewing conjuror at a regional fete.

The setting was not any different, political rallies in India do after all have the noisy passion of a local carnival.

To live in a secular country, but to laugh at the number of Gods of another community speaks volumes of the breeding grounds of odium which produce such repulsive elements.

If reports are to be believed, the MIM MLA from Andhra Pradesh wanted all of 15 minutes without police/Army intervention for 250 million Muslims to wipe off one billion Hindus! As a citizen of this country, this is treachery and treason. As a human being, pure wicked. Beastly.

This All India Majlis-eIttihad al Muslimin leader apparently didn’t bat an eyelid when he sided with Ajmal Kasab and justified the 1993 Mumbai bombings.

While worldwide such inflammatory remarks would have elicited quick action, in India it took coaxing by a court and nearly a month to even register a case against this repeat offender. (He had made the hate speeches twice – in Nizamabad on December 08 and Adilabad on December 24 and has been involved is several such infamous cases.)

More stunning still is the silence of the political class. One didn’t hear even a whisper from the government. When two innocent girls could be picked by the police for FB comments on inconvenience caused by bandhs, why did it take so long to even a register an FIR in the case of a blatant communal rant, wondered actor Farhan Akhtar, rightfully.

At these spite-filled rallies, how different do you think would this Hyderabadi have sounded from Hitler making a case for genetic selection nearly a hundred years ago!

And this is not the first time that Owaisi has made controversial remarks. The MLA, who previously was booked for rioting in 2003, had once urged his supporters to “smash the heads of the traffic policemen” if they issued a challan to them for not wearing helmets. Such brazen cases of lawlessness have never been taken to their rightful conclusion of severe punishment, thus possibly encouraging more bizarre acts of pure madness.

Owaisi has also been on previous sprees of challenging senior police officers and media whenever they have questioned his illegal acts.

His brother Assaduddin, had matched his barmy gusto in Lok Sabha last year and warned of a “third wave of radicalization among Muslim youth”.

At 42, Akbaruddin would be considered a part of a hallowed young brigade of Indian politics. Sadly, he is trapped in the past when politics of hate was a sure shot vote magnet. Or the 1980s, when fanning of communal flames translated into political consolidation.

But the new India is impatient with incendiary sloganeering. It is looking for education, jobs, safety and a societal set-up that works. Young India is also definitely looking for sane leaders.

At a time when the Aam Admi is rising up to the injustices of the system, is getting his voice heard by the navel gazing poweratti, is being voted as “personality of the year”; it would have been good to see one from among the attendees of the rally to stand up and tell the MIM legislator to shut up.

Tragically, one hears that chanting from crowds only supported the rabble-rouser!

First Published: Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 17:09

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