I do (k) not?

Updated: Aug 05, 2011, 16:06 PM IST

When it comes to the M word, we all know how men run for their life. Let’s face it, everything is hunky dory till it’s a relationship, but the moment the girl mentions marriage, most men are unsure of commitment. So what we all have watched on celluloid all our childhood about happy endings is actually quite different in real life.<br/><br/>Of late the heroes in films are equally commitment phobic just like men in real life. While earlier ‘pyaar’ led to ‘shaadi’ in almost all films, things have been quite different recently.<br/><br/>So every relationship on celluloid does not necessarily translate into a marriage these days. Take a look at the recent hit ‘Zindagi Milegi Na Dobara’. All the men have their own relationship hang ups. While Hrithik is dumped by his girlfriend for being a workaholic, Abhay is unsure about committing to his girlfriend of six months. Or the other hit of this summer ‘Delhi Belly,’ where Imran Khan as Tashi is going with the flow and committing to marriage to his long time girlfriend but once he meets a hot colleague at work, he doesn’t seem so sure about marriage.<br/><br/>I have grown up on staple diet of Bollywood romances where a Raj would come all the way from London to a small village in Punjab to woo the parents of his lady love. He would go all the way to convince the girl parents about him, the same girl who he has barely spent time with on a month long Europe trip. Films made me believe in such kind of Bollywood romance. But while growing up, I realised romances on celluloid are starkly different from romances in real life and that how films never really showed the actual picture.<br/><br/>Films over the years have surely matured. Heroes are no more superheroes; they are not perfect lovers or perfect sons or even perfect friends. They are just like us, they have their flaws, and they have their hang-ups and are surely more relatable.<br/><br/>When young Raj (Ranbir Kapoor) in ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’ pretends to be in love with Maahi just to boast about the tales later to his friends, one can’t help but smile and mutter ‘Boys’. We all have gone through break ups, heartbreaks and jerks in life. And just like Maahi, who kept waiting for a filmy love story to unfold in her life, we have all wished for fairy tale romance. <br/><br/>So many slumber parties have been spent discussing how Hindi films and ‘Mills and Boons’ romances have spoilt our notion about love. How reality is so much more different. And why just blame the men? Even women get cold feet at the name of commitment. Didn’t Deepika initially leave Ranbir when the latter proposed her marriage in ‘Bachna Ae Haseeno’? <br/><br/>Even in real life, news of failed relationships in B-Town rules the gossip columns. John apparently was dumped by Bips because he wasn’t sure about a long term commitment even after investing nine long years in the relationship. Deepika walked out of Ranbir’s life after she found out that he was cheating on her. No one is perfect. The celebrities that we love to idolize also have flaws. And flaws which are very real, just like ours.<br/><br/>I am in fact glad that the hero of today is depicted with flaws. I mean how long will they keep selling a make believe world to the viewers? High time they showed what actually happens. In today’s time it is all about convenience, no one has time to sit and ponder about ‘sachcha pyaar’. <br/><br/>Does this make us cold? Perhaps. But with time things have changed and so have priorities in life. That’s how it is. And cinema of today is just reflecting that. They say cinema imitates life and looking at the current lot of films, I couldn’t agree more.


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