In God We Trust

Updated: Nov 16, 2009, 09:19 AM IST

Ever realised it’s so difficult to trust people, especially the ones you haven’t met or seen or heard. So why would you trust someone you haven’t met, seen or heard? Hmm... Perhaps because everyone has always told you that there’s someone more trustworthy, reliable than anyone you have ever met, seen or heard. Yes, here’s introducing - God, that one person, whom we don’t meet at least in our worldly senses, don’t see besides the imaginative figures we associate him/her with, and much obviously don’t hear him directly, but believably hear him in our inner voice; still, in God we trust.
Some things are meant to be and so is our faith in God I guess, for every time I ask him (that’s because I take him to be a male and this is purely a belief and has nothing to do with the question of equality or the lack of it) for anything, I get it. There have been thoughts and afterthoughts questioning his existence many a times, but the end product has always been - an embarrassed me, apologising profusely to the Krishna (mural) from Vrindavan in my living room and the apology comes merely from the guilt that how could I even question the person whom I trust to be responsible for my existence? <br><br>

During times such as these, one experiences a feeling similar to that of taking mum-dad for granted and throwing a fit on their face for no fault of theirs, but only because you’ve had a bad day. But, what do they do? You look at them and you can see them steal a smile, quite similarly, when I look at God’s face after holding him responsible for every damn thing on this planet, I can see him steal a smile too, a lot like Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, she smiles if you think she is smiling and she seems straight-faced when you’re having a bad day.
And what’s with all the paintings of God(s)? I mean why do they always seem to be looking at us? You look left they look left, you see right they too see right (Try it if you haven’t, you’ll feel this connection with Him and you’ll end up with a smile on your face). Hang on, you’re not sure? Take my word, look at any picture of Shah Rukh’s or any other actor that you admire, I swear he won’t look at you like that - straight you’re the eyes! Now, what on earth would you make that out to be... Well, that’s how I know God. <br><br>

How we know him is only how WE know him. My relationship or connection with God can be completely different from yours and has to be, for each one has one’s own God. No matter how much we debate ‘God is One’ and his oneness, I would still want to go back to my Krishna (Yeah, the very Krishna I mentioned before) after talking for the motion, this, obviously does not mean that I don’t think God is one, but it means that God’s this one entity, who ensures that the trust all of us hold in him together, perhaps at one time, never ceases even if it’s a little deterred.
I, like many others, don’t remember how it all started. I mean, there wasn’t this particular day when I woke up to have started believing in God and trusting in him. This also has little to do with the fact that my mum and dad are staunch believers (though the inspiration and motivation I draw from them is undeniable), but has everything to do with the fact that my prayers have been answered, not once, twice, thrice, but innumerable times. So even if I could get a million dollars to say that I don’t have trust in God and what he can give me, I would not say it (though I would miss the money, Sorry Krishna!). I simply can’t, after all those miracles that have happened. And quite naturally, no sane person would tag umpteen miracles in a row to be coincidences, as I think even the person who came with the term ‘coincidence’ wouldn’t have heard of so many of them.
Remember the last time you prayed real hard for that something, what happened afterwards? Hmm... I think you must’ve not got the thing you prayed for and.... and... and... the strange fact that you’re praying again for the next thing in your wish list, this is what precisely my point is. I ask you something, you don’t give it to me, what happens next? Well, I come back to you and ask you again, so, if I wasn’t getting what I was seeking why would I come to you again?? The same holds true for our relationship with God, he might not be giving us everything that we seek, but, what he does give us is the hope to still trust him as well as the mankind and to keep going back to him - now, always, forever.<br><br>

I trust my God to let me have the trust that keeps me going. And just in case you’re a non-believer, that is okay too, as you also must be trusting in someone for no reason, don’t you?
P.S- Why do we trust in God? Well... because we plain and simple trust in God.

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