In the midst of winter

<b>Shruti Saxena</b><br/><br/>It is such pleasure to throw open the curtains of a cosy inn to find a land whitewashed by overnight snowfall. Snug, inside a balmy chair of warming solitude murmuring, Yeah! It’s right in the midst of winter time again…<br/><br/>Winter, a season when the temperatures continue to drop and the days seem to get darker and darker…a season that brings cold, snow and to a lucky few, a break from work or school…a season of whacky flus that you would never want to strike at your door...a time to don all your coats and hats, for the cold has taken hold!<br/><br/>Awakening in this sting-chill of winter matt morning, her (my mother’s) cold hand caresses, asking me to wake up while I want to linger in my bed a few minutes linger.<br/><br/>The soft chill of the snow gives me the perfect excuse, to be hugged tightly, to be hugged longer in the warm arms of my blanket.<br/><br/>And then, after her ample requests, waking up and then gazing out of my window to greet the frosty morning with the Oak King sleeping, bearing berries, vivid red to brighten up the gloom, the street cars appearing like frosted cakes all covered up with snowflakes and the sun hanging up there with a dull face. I wait patiently for the sun to strengthen hour by hour, so that I can move out to start my day.<br/><br/>And as the sun shines bright, slowly I would rise and dress myself up to begin a new chapter in my book of existence. The day then further unravels into a stream of actions and reactions with the changing facets of the bright globe of the sun itself. As the hues turn to an inspiring crimson at dusk, I’m transported back to my humble abode to spend the hours that follow.<br/><br/>At night, there is a different story unravelling. It’s the time when the city shuts down, the stores draw their blinds one by one and the dim infrequent streetlight bends at the neck like a weighted stem. <br/><br/>As a solitary traveller, it is a mesmerising experience to witness the sight in front of a roadside inn, sipping a piping hot cup of tea with your friends or family members in a cosy place by the fire with candles burning in their sconces and admiring the silver moonlight and the glittering snow.<br/><br/>And finally, wrapping yourself up in your favourite warm blanket and then silently and stealthily bidding GOOD NIGHT to the world and entering your dream world imagining the falling snow flakes, floating gently down the skies, resting softly upon layers, building a white heaven on land. <br/><br/>

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