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India - Life is cheap

By Swati Chaturvedi | Last Updated: Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 13:59
Swati Chaturvedi

And, so it goes on, we are Indians; our lives our cheap to our government, any government, and as the obscene spectre of terrorism and let's call it what it is: Pakistan government sponsored terrorism attacks ordinary citizens at will, the death watch continues.

As the litany goes, this is the 10th attack on Mumbai, wait for a day the other rusty aphorism will be trotted out - the American mainland was never attacked after 9/11.

Have we ever stopped to wonder why has a leader, any leader - the prime minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, Mr L K Advani even Rahul Gandhi, who frets to the Americans about "Hindu terror", ever stood up and reassured the aam admi in whose name they act - you are safe - your right to life is a fundamental absolute. And if the ordinary Indian does not have a right to life, what else matters.

I am still waiting to hear from our leaders. What is our strategy to deal with this? Just count our dead, grieve and turn the other cheek to Pakistan?

And, so it will be business as usual. After a couple of days of some incredible official blah blah of you know Pakistan is also a terror victim, it is not in our interest to have a failed state in the neighbourhood. What utter drivel? Failed or flourishing, when has Pakistan ever been anything but an adversary whose existence is defined by a hatred for India?

And, indeed why should the world or Pakistan act in our interest? Surely, that is our job!

Was the USA acting in Pakistan's interest when it violated its sovereignty and took out Bin Laden?

And guess what, Pakistan makes sure we pay the price.

How many dead will finally sicken us that till we respect the little guys right to life, we are all shamed as Indians.

Demand answers, do not accept pap and demand that the government make Pakistan accountable for killing innocent Indians.

First Published: Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 13:59

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