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Is death enough for Kasab?

By Shobhika Puri | Last Updated: Saturday, May 8, 2010 - 12:31
Shobhika Puri
En Passant

Almost a year and a half after the 26/11 attacks, Ajmal Amir Kasab -- the lone terrorist who was captured alive -- was given death sentence. The government and the judiciary are ecstatic at their achievement in delivering justice so fast. But, is this enough?

Kasab was a terrorist who came to Mumbai to attack and die, if the need arose. Such a person is not afraid of death. Then, how can death be considered as a punishment for him? Moreover, the quantum or the duration of the pain that he shall experience will be nothing compared to those of the victims. The lives of families of those who died in the attack shall never be the same again. There are numerous people who have got crippled due to the bullet attacks. What about the emotional scars? They are too deep rooted to measure. What did Kasab get in return? VIP treatment, nutritious food, secured shelter and a punishment that is too little by his standards. Whenever he gets hanged, he shall be in pain for a few minutes after which he shall die. He shall be free of all the pain and worries thereafter. There may be an emotional trauma for him till then, as was evident by his emotional reaction at the time of pronouncement of the judgement but, that too would not last very long.

In my opinion, such people should be made to live a life devoid of any physical or social or emotional comforts. Kasab should be ostracised from the society and made to live alone in a small cell devoid of any means of entertainment. Moreover, he should be made to toil hard within the confines of the prison and do work that shall be of good to the common man.

I wish I could suggest even more extreme measures but that may be taking things too far. The basic idea is to make him live a life similar to what he has forced many to live like. He should also be shown constant videos of the human sufferings that his actions have caused. May be this makes him realise his mistake and the reason for his plight.

I know many people would be appalled at my suggestions and there may be a backlash against my inhumane approach but, this is what I think would be justice. This is what he deserves. It is things like these that may deter some people from becoming terrorists. Death is nothing big for them.

Human activists may say that no person is born a terrorist. It is the circumstances that make him one. Thus, he should be treated like a human and be given a chance to improve. A valid point but, Kasab’s actions are beyond forgiveness. One terrorist breeds another. He was made a terrorist by another terrorist, who would have obviously been born as an innocent child. This way nobody should be punished and everyone should be given a second chance. But, here again, I beg to differ. These people are so brainwashed that nothing else matters to them. No advice, no counselling etc shall work for them till they are made to experience the other side of their actions. Thus, my extreme suggestions.

Some people may argue that an eye for an eye strategy shall lead to more terrorist attacks. But, this shall happen in any case! At least one of them should suffer on behalf of their community and should be put to some good use for our civil society. Moreover, even if Kasab is punished, it shall not be enough. Punishment for one person in return for hundreds of people that were killed or harmed? The math may not be correct but, Kasab’s suffering shall be the beginning and a warning signal to the other terrorists.

Before concluding, I would also like to add that my suggestions are a complete contrast to the picture used for my blog. It is that of a dove, which is a symbol of peace. The reason for this is that the time has come for us to take extreme steps so that there may be some hope of peace in the long term. If not anything else, then at least some mental peace to the victims and the public at large that yes, he is being punished the way many of us are every day, every minute and every second of our lives.

First Published: Saturday, May 8, 2010 - 12:31

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