Is it necessary to groom yourself?

By Harpreet Kaur | Updated: May 25, 2013, 19:18 PM IST

I remember running to another room at the speed of lightning, as some unexpected guests entered the house. Well, the reason was that I looked horrible – worn out and with a mass of unkempt hair. I bet most of us have often switched to this sloppy ‘I don’t care’ frame of mind, when it comes to grooming ourselves.

Who doesn’t want to look attractive? It’s just that people refrain from putting effort into it. Have you noticed the moment you dress up to step out of your house, you feel more confident? This is what grooming can do to you – make you feel positive and self assured.

I remember my friend going for a haircut just a day before heading to a party. My question is – why should we take effort to look good only for others? Why not for ourselves? Why wait for an occasion like a party? We all love the resulting change after pampering sessions in a beauty salon. And mind you, whoever says it’s only important for girls, sorry, please close your eyes and just remember the many men you have come across who don’t care either about their footwear, their fuzzy beard or body odour.

My friends, ‘First impression is the last impression’! And this is the reason why even the laziest person on the earth makes some effort to groom himself/herself for a job interview. Because even before speaking with you, the interviewer has partially judged you on the basis of your appearance. And this practice is not only limited to interviews. Whether the person is beautiful or not, his/her personal grooming does act as a catalyst in gaining attention. Have you realised that the moment we see a well-dressed person with ‘neat and clean’ look, he/she is tagged as ‘smart’?

Well, I’m not promoting the idea of spending hours in front of the mirror, but that one streak of kajal won’t hurt anyone! If you don’t take care of your personal hygiene and ignore the basic grooming routine, it simply sends out a message that you are ‘not to be taken seriously’! And no one would like to be taunted by others about one’s bad odour, dirty fingernails etc. By not taking care of these simple things – a person ends up hampering his self-confidence in the process.

With time I have realised the fact that grooming oneself helps overcome depression. I have come across people (especially girls), who take out some time to revitalise themselves by going on shopping trips, beauty parlours – a massage probably – which magically helps them feel good about themselves. Be it dealing with a bad day at office, or post break-up stress, taking care of oneself does help a lot to raise one’s spirits.

This doesn’t necessarily imply that one should buy expensive clothes, perfumes, or go to some pricey parlours. What I mean is that hygiene and basic grooming at home can also do, as long as we put in that little effort.

Your appearance is the window to your personality, and looking neat and presentable only reflects on how you value and care for yourself.