Is it really about time and destiny? I think so!

Updated: Nov 28, 2014, 18:24 PM IST

“No one gets before time and more than destiny”

I have been listening to the aforesaid quote since I was a teenager, but I didn't pay much heed to it. But off late, the question that has started to boggle my mind is – do 'right' time and destiny actually exist and play an important part in shaping our lives? Is our life bound and ruled by these two.

That very moment my brain snaps and asks me that aren't you the architect of your own destiny? It tells me don't be ridiculous and don't surrender to this theory. You are the sailor of your ship and you can sail it across where you want.

Then I take my own sweet time and try to recall some major events of my life. It is a drive down memory lane to understand whether 'those decisions' taken in the past were actually made by me or was the path that I chose pre-written and a part of the series of 'universal conspiracy'. This may sound bizarre but when I introspect I realise that there certainly is a strong force behind many of the events of my life.

I recall how after my graduation when my family wanted me to take up teaching as a career as my mum herself is a teacher, I wasn't up for it. Instead, I wanted to do journalism. Not that I had dreamt of it since childhood, but strangely I got fascinated by journalism merely weeks before my final exams... And when you are about to clear your final year college exams you are bound to take a final call about your career/ future. I chose 'journalism'. My mother put up a condition that “only if'' I get through IIMC (which was quite a prestigious journalism institute then) would she let me jump into this field, else it would have to be bye-bye journalism and hello teaching!

And as if destiny had it for me, I cleared IIMC in the very first go and that too without burning the midnight oil. Same thing goes for my first job. I bagged my first job at the campus placement, in India's top-most newspaper with ease (if I may add).

According to me, out of the 100 per cent in achieving anything – destiny plays about 75 per cent of the role, the rest is hard work. At least this theory holds true for me, the rest of the world may beg to differ. Things will not culminate for you and all your efforts will be in vain if it's not written for you, no matter how hard you try.

The decisions that we make at the turning points of our lives shape our destiny. We are bound to do things and make decisions that are pre-written for us. Our life, as it is now, is created by the results of the cumulative choices we ourselves made according to the tendencies of our own mind, each time we encountered a specific event.

If I ponder over this, then I can say that maybe I was destined to do journalism and I didn't have to struggle much to kick-start my career. All a person needs is a push and mostly you get started automatically.

Having said that, I also remember a time when there was a situation of 'slip between cup and lip' for me. I was looking for a change in job and was on the verge of getting my offer letter, but things went haywire and I couldn't get the job even after the 'final handshake' made by the head of a renowned organisation, because of some sudden change in the company policy. This very incident made by belief only stronger.

Time plays a crucial part in everything. Think of it, it's winters and you want to have mangoes. You can't hope to get mangoes in winters because it is not the mango season . You can only savour the sweet fruit in its own season, i.e. summers, no matter how hard you try and no matter how much effort you make.

I think God has a plan for everyone and that plan is called fate/destiny. You will also be made to wait for the 'right time' before you achieve what is destined for you. As they say you will always get the right thing at only the right time.

Be it your work, your personal life or any other thing. If we talk about achieving success, people work a lot to achieve success but success can be achieved only when the moment is right.

Choose the path carefully if you must, and don't blame every wrong turn on destiny. The glitches in your life are nothing but lessons of patience. It will make you wait. But ultimately all the things will fall into place. The path of life is already written in the stars!


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