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By Bikas Bhagat | Last Updated: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 21:54
Bikas Bhagat

Opening a door for a girl, or pulling a chair for her are not the only rules guys follow. There are other more important ones that are as vital for the brotherhood camaraderie to remain. These laws come natural to our likes and they shouldn’t be taken lightly for they are result of at least several centuries worth of evolution in social interaction between men.

Call it the guy code or the man code, but for anyone who enjoyed the movie ‘Old School’, Craig Kilborn explains us this rule of turning a blind eye towards the wrong of your friend. He very rightly professes that a man shouldn't tell on another man who is cheating on his girlfriend. He might try to intervene once, but if he persists, you just never saw or heard anything.

Moreover, a man is not supposed to say what happened at the bachelor party. That should be considered as the code of silence or an oath of nondisclosure. No matter how wild it went with all with champagne flowing and ecstasy to whoop it up - a man keeps these things to himself and especially away from the bride-to-be. Whatever happened at the party stays at the party.

A man has to repay his debts. “Neither a borrower nor a lender be.” Sure, that sounded good when someone said it centuries ago, but in today’s economy, you may have to swallow your pride and ask for some financial help. Or, maybe you were short on cash or forgot your wallet. If your friend loans you cash or buys the first round, you pay him back. Work to get him his money, pick up lunch next time or get that next round of beer.

Next in the list is the revered art of ‘fighting’. When in a fight, it is against the code to kick, knee or hit another man anywhere below the belt. If you can't win a fight the right way, then you probably shouldn't be fighting in the first place.

Then we come to the important rule that a man should never trouble his friend at the work place. While it may be tempting to hang around and get a scoop of the project at his workplace, you should strictly avoid getting into your friends line of work. Your camaraderie stays more rooted that ways.

A man will always help his friend get the girl he’s interested in. Disasters happen when you try to get in between them laying your own game. So, don’t even think about it. That will be inexcusable and downright evil and it is the quickest way to end a friendship and to get labelled Supreme Loser (and not in a good way).

Apart from these, there are several unwritten rules which make for the way of our existence. In such codes, you are not very deliberate – they are more like reflexes.

A simple nod can equal a five-minute conversation in the code. A high five or a pound lets your buddies know they are appreciated without having to tell them your inner feelings, which would make both you and them uncomfortable.

Remembering a man's birthday is optional, but buying him a card and having the other guys sign it is forbidden.

This is just the beginning of the long list of items on the code. Men should do their best to fulfil their duties or be shunned by other men for not doing so. On that note, I herby use the rule of saying goodbye in good humour.

First Published: Wednesday, June 9, 2010 - 21:54

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