Jaspal Bhatti: A tribute to the `king of comedy`

Little did I know that I would have to wake up to a very depressing news on Thursday morning, something that will make me wonder if God is really unjust and unkind at times. Harjot, a friend of mine from Ludhiana, informed me about the death of Jaspal Bhatti, someone I have adored since my childhood.

I vividly remember having watched the legendary personality’s satirical comedy shows on television. Though I was a kid then, and hardly understood what his jokes meant, I knew for a fact that he was a nice man, for all he did was to make people laugh.

An ordinary man could conveniently relate with his stature. Bhatti uncle, as I would like to address him, had struck an emotional chord with one and all (I am sure). His ‘Flop Show’ was super-hit and his ‘Ulta Pulta’ hit the bull’s eye!

Bhatti Uncle catered to the aam aadmi’s aspirations and the troubles that one faces as a commoner in the world’s largest democracy, India.

Bhatti uncle, who died at the age of 57, was quite active on Twitter and had a huge fan following. People could do little but go crazy on his humorous take on the state of affairs of India’s political system and applaud him for his efforts for bringing to light several pressing issues.

The people on Twitter bombarded the timeline with tweets discussing the greatness of Bhatti Uncle.

Here’s a look at some of the tweets that speak volume about the man’s aura:

Jaspal Bhatti`s demise is unfortunate. He filled our lives with much needed humour. My condolences to his family. May his soul rest in peace

Sad to hear that Jaspal Bhatti is dead. In many ways he was the original crusader against corruption...black humor, his weapon.

RIP Jaspal Bhatti. Just realized that death is a cruel comedian. Always has that last laugh.

Jaspal Bhatti dead! Cannot think of anything more profoundly unacceptable. RIP sir

Just heard news that Jaspal Bhatti passed away. This is absolutely devastating.

Laughter dies.. RIP Jaspal

Rest In Peace Jaspal Bhatti! I swear he was the funniest dude ever!#Chankatta

The real laughter king would always live in our smiles. #jaspalbhatti

Ugh. Jaspal Bhatti gone. RIP. He was so awesome. Flop Show was a huge part of my childhood. The gods are in for a treat.

Coming back to what Bhatti uncle meant to me. My parents would finish all their work in time and tune in to the television set only to watch Bhatti uncle tickle people’s funny bones. And I too would mimic on seeing my parents laugh their hearts out to Bhatti uncle’s gags. And that was fun to me, something I can never afford to forget in my life. My childhood is incomplete without the ‘Flop Show’ man who delivered a super-hit life.

As I grew up, I realised the man’s worth and started following his works. He looked as someone whom people could easily reach and that’s what makes him class apart.

Nothing made better sense than Bhatti uncle’s ‘Nonsense Club’. His life is a humble lesson for many of us to learn, for he was a common man’s celebrity. Ironical, isn’t it?

And I cannot agree more with critic Amrita Malik who had once said, “Bhatti has the correct style for TV, an understated, quiet humour which sinks in without shouting, and which mercilessly exposes both corruption in our every day life and the typical people, who thrive on it. The grim fact and the hard truths of our society so bitter otherwise are made so funny through the adept handling of Bhatti, that cleansing laughter is created out of common malpractices.”

Bhatti uncle has certainly transcended to heaven, but he will remain in our hearts forever!

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