Kim Kardashian – Glorifying Stupidity!

Somebody needs to please find me a job like Kim Kardashian and family, where one is simply paid to exist. I need a fabulous job such as hers where if I sneeze, the sneeze gets the front page coverage.

I may despise her as much as I want but as the saying goes - “Love her. Hate her. But you cannot ignore her.”

The irony of my job is that I have to deal with her 'important stories' on a daily basis. Being in the field of entertainment journalism, Kim K and her flashy stories of `bare butt` or 'dysfunctional` family are hard to ignore. Even if I would love to do that.

What is there in Kim K that intrigues us so much? Her news is sprawled all across papers, tabloids and on social media platforms. One has to seriously question one's deeper conscious for the obsession or the intrigue that surrounds Kim. Amidst her racy Instagram posts and controversial tweets, one can barely retain his/her sanity.

It is easy to slam Kardashians and her family for all the hogwash and the weirdest of factors that have made them famous. After all they do not cough up their own fortune to get fame; it is us who pay money through our noses to get to the gossip. There is no exchange of talent for money. They did not have to do anything to get where they are today.

Her story is not really a Cinderella story. Neither is her marriage to rapper Kanye West a fairytale come true.

Let us not forget that she is the same girl who started out as Paris Hilton's closet organiser and then hogged the spotlight with an infamous sex-tape with Ray J back in 2007. Stardom followed and soon reached the pinnacle of supreme idiocy. To see a sex-tape star (and consequently a reality TV contestant) get so much media attention makes me question humanity.

The problem doesn't lie with her. The problem lies with us. Well, at least most of the blame is with us. While a part of our subconscious scorns her glorified life where she struts around looking like a puffed pomeranian adorned with a few kilos of make-up, the other part in us simply can't ignore her name splashed on pages.

I personally believe that releasing a porn video of oneself on the internet is not a solid strategy for personal or professional success.

But when will Kim K stop her signature style of posing with a different angle of her frontal nude or bare butt? Her photo-shopped picture of her oily bare back and assets for a magazine captioned `Breaking the Internet` literally did break the internet.

But why, why, why? When will she realise that the entire world has already seen her sex-tape, and her constant bikini clad pics and nude selfies are not a hoot's worth anymore?

Kim surely knows that society has made her famous for a pretty lame reason and she is making the most use of it for as long as she can. Spoiling her one-and-half year old daughter with unimaginable luxuries at such a tender age looks like nothing but publicity gimmick.

These gimmicks are just signs of bad parenting and I wonder what effect it will have on baby North as she grows up. One can only hope that she doesn't get caught in the web of drug abuse and mental illness due to the unwanted limelight like many child celebs have in the past.

Back in India too, Kim is just as popular. Only because she is a rage in America and all the hogwash that is associated around Kim has whet our appetite - to know what she's doing, wearing, which car is she riding in, has she taken a bath, or if she has caught a life-threatening cold?

The list is endless. And my patience is coming towards an end.

The 'Kim K complex' is like a contagious disease that has spread from one continent to the other and there seems to be no end or hope in future of ending this epidemic.

I guess, people are not miffed with Kim because of her tactics to get noticed but the fact that media keeps constantly reporting her story.

On an average, there are over 10-15 stories about the Kardashians, her tantrum throwing baby and her family. Not to forget hubby Kanye, who simply cannot get over his acquired and prized 'possession'.

I'm simply more than glad that my teachers and parents instilled some sense into me, and I know not to fall prey to the 'Kim K complex' or anyone who glorifies any celebrity for stupidity.

And thank God for good genes!

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