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Kindergarten tantrums of BJP leaders

By Swati Chaturvedi | Last Updated: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 - 17:22
Swati Chaturvedi

The BJP has made itself in the image of the Hindu trinity - creator, preserver and off course with it's tantrum prone leader's <i>tandavs</i> - the destroyer.

The tragedy of our country is that we have a wretched opposition party like the BJP making the Congress look like an alternative. Imagine what depths the BJP has plunged in public confidence from the Atal heights that even the zombie like UPA is smug.

Consider Leader of the Opposition Mrs Sushma Swaraj who has never had a silly thought get in the way of a shrill utterance. After all why let the idea of political suicide for the NDA ever come in the way of you and your arrogant assessment of your ability wholly unhinged to any reality come in the way of a sound bite.

Mrs Swaraj's ludicrous crypto cave-woman, I will shave my head and sleep on the floor type <i>saas bahu</i> melodrama, which turned Sonia Gandhi into a saintly figure and probably handed the UPA another term, to her rather shockingly undiplomatic dismissal of Pranab Mukherjee and Vice-President Hamid Ansari which handed the Presidential election to the Congress on a platter and simultaneously torpedoed the NDA has led me to wonder if she is actually a secret agent for the Congress.

After all ego has no limit and to see Mrs Swaraj preen and despite being Leader of the Opposition align with a clear cut line on the creation of Telangana actually side with the Congress in Parliament when it suspended its MPs has astonished many people.

The diminutive Mrs Swaraj has competition in the ego stakes by the erstwhile maharani of dholpur, Vasundhra Raje Scindia who has just thrown an empress sized tantrum. Not to forget the party president, Nitin Gadkari who seems to have Tarzan as his role model. He recently thumped his chest on my show and said <i>"mein dumdar president hoon"</i>. A prudent translation is beyond me dear readers.

The two hallmarks of the BJP hubris and sulks is in some ways reminiscent of a very Freudian kindergarten. Exhibit A Narendra Modi - the champion of the sulkers and bullies - wants the other kids to accept his supremacy but will not play on the team. And, before the Modi-philes jump on me as I confidently predict they will, I can predict another thing till the BJP announces unequivocally that Modi is not their candidate for PM it has no chance of coming in to government.

And, when actually promoting the kindergarten kids to first grade what about the one who has years ago outgrown the class? I speak of LK Advani who has led them to two defeats in the general elections. Do you really want him around to make even Rahul Gandhi look good?

How the party has fallen from a sensible party of the right with a sound economic view to these lows? As the UPA mirrors the walking dead we the people want to mirror Standard and Poor and downgrade these politicians to junk level in public confidence.

First Published: Tuesday, May 8, 2012 - 17:22

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