KP's explosion – truth behind the turmoil in English cricket?

Updated: Oct 31, 2014, 10:50 AM IST

What is a player supposed to do, when despite being the highest scorer for his country in all formats of the game, he is sacked by his board, citing reasons, which are yet to be known? What is a player supposed to do, when his own team-mates create a parody account on Twitter by his name? What is a player supposed to do, when despite being the highest scorer for his team in his team's 5-0 annihilation against the Aussies in the last Ashes series, he is the only one sacked from the squad? Put yourself into the shoes of Kevin Pietersen for a while, and you could know as to what made him come up with shocking revelations about his former coach, team-mates and the atmosphere of the dressing room – something which is supposed to be an extremely private affair.

England, a side that looked invincible under the leadership of Alastair Cook and Andy Flower few years ago, are in tatters at the moment. The fans were wondering what went wrong with a champion side like England and Pietersen's revelations seem to have solved the mystery to an extent.

KP has alleged his team-mates – Matt Prior, Graeme Swann, James Anderson and Stuart Broad of running a club which bullied the youngsters in the team. The wicketkeeper is said to have been the leader of the group, where the youngsters were bullied after dropping a catch and had to apologise. While Swann has called KP’s revelations as "the biggest work of fiction since Jules Verne", there's no denying the fact that there is some truth behind KP's outrage as England pacer Chris Tremlett posted a Tweet that read, "Glad @KP24 has finally been able to give his side of the story. People can now make an informed opinion of what went on in the dressing room." Ricky Ponting and Graeme Smith too have come to support KP, by saying the 'bullying' was visible on the field and they used it against the Poms.

Another individual that KP has openly criticised is Andy Flower. The Zimbabweian, who deserves a lot of credit for turning England into World No. 1, is said to have had a bad influence on the team by the end of the Ashes earlier this year. KP said he tried discussing several issues with Andy, who 'built a regime and not a team.' While another series loss should be the main reason for Flower's sacking, his negative influence too would have certainly been taken into account.

This is a team which has seen lots of ups and down of late. During the last Ashes series, their match-winning spinner Graeme Swann left the English fans gobsmacked by abruptly announcing retirement from international cricket. Jonathan Trott – one of the most consistent English batsman over the years across all formats, quit the series midway citing depression. Many believed there wasn't a hunky-dory relationship between Kevin Pietersen and Andy Flower and the ECB decided to get rid of both of them. In the absence of these big names, England lack consistency and are struggling in all formats of the game.

Many experts have slammed KP for exposing his team-mates and the environment of the dressing room publicly. But one should also see that while his contemporaries ended their careers with planned farewells and guard of honours, KP was sacked in the most unceremonious fashion and the ECB till date hasn't been able to justify their shocking decision.

KP's revelations have come at a time when the English cricket is going through a transition. Alastair Cook isn't in the best of form, and it's a team which at the moment heavily depends on youngsters in the batting department. But after KP's revelations, the task is going to become even tougher for the skipper. The major challenge ahead of Cook is to rebuild a team which was a champion side few years ago, at the same time making sure that KP's revelations don't hamper their performances.

We would probably never see Kevin Pietersen in an English jersey again. It's obviously the end of a magnificent chapter in English cricket, at the same time a challenging one begins for Cook & Co.

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