Let us just cut it short!

Updated: Sep 01, 2010, 09:37 AM IST

The Indian Premier League - An idea of one man that became a rage in the entire cricketing world.<br/> <br/>Since the time of its inception, the IPL was more of a phenomenon than just a domestic T20 cricket tournament. The 59 matches and one and a half month long IPL started with eight super rich teams. It now, however, has two more into the family.<br/> <br/>Surely, to accommodate two new members, teams in this case, into the house, either somebody needs to give up some of their space, or build some more rooms for a comfortable living.<br/> <br/>So is the case with the Indian Premier League as well. With two new teams up to try their luck for the glittering IPL trophy next season, the governing council is now wondering about which option to pick to accommodate the new entrants; make the other teams give up some of their space from the calendar, or increase the time-span of the tournament.<br/> <br/>The first option is something which the IPL Organising Committee probably doesn’t want, and the second option is something which many outside the IPL do not want.<br/> <br/>For the inmates of IPL, adding a week or two in the one and a half month long tournament would be more profitable than anything else. More matches would mean more sponsors, more advertisements, more viewership (both, on TV and in the stadiums); in short, MORE MONEY!<br/> <br/>However, for those who wouldn’t be a part of the ‘money-minting’ process, an extension is just an impossible option.<br/> <br/>As it is, the ICC cricketing calendar does not allow much space to the IPL, having a dozen of matches more would obviously be a BIG problem.<br/> <br/>Secondly, we have all heard about players’ ‘burn-out’, haven’t we? Poor fellas... On one hand, they try hard to cope up with their national commitments, on the other they are burdened with IPL duties. Playing cricket round the year has left many of them injured and hapless.<br/><br/>Brett Lee, Ashish Nehra, Andrew Flintoff, Jacob Oram and many more… All of these suffered from injuries in and around the IPL and later, when it came to fulfilling their national duties, their performance seemed rickety due to the preceding injuries.<br/><br/>Also, the fact that many countries at times do not lend their players to IPL due to other international commitments, proves that an extension of the season will surely be an issue.<br/><br/>The Organizing Committee may come up with a particular schedule, but giving a spectator’s view, the IPL should be cut short... if that is harsh, let it be just the way it is.<br/><br/>To remind all, I too stay in a cricket-worshipping nation and the same religious blood flows through my veins. Nevertheless, IPL nowadays doesn’t seem like a conglomeration of cricketers promoting the game and encouraging young talent.<br/><br/>It looks more like some businessmen gathering in a stadium, to keep a tab on the Sensex where a run more scored and a wicket more taken would mean life and death to all. Of course, the ‘cheerleaders’ keep the atmosphere amicable and we do not see ‘businessmen’ pouncing on each other.<br/><br/>More IPL matches would be an overdose. It is best if it is kept short and sweet.<br/>