Liar Liar!

There is something special about Eric Cartman and George Costanza that make them all the more lovable and likable. It has got nothing to do with their looks and there is definitely no glorification of homoerotic love, but, what matters the most is their propensity to tell a lie – and sometimes, a bundle of humorous and horrible lies. <br><br>
I don’t know about others but I don’t mind lying once in a while, for the art of concealing and pretending is something which I am completely at ease. And this was the very reason I did not participate in ‘Sacch Ka Saamna’, fearing a polygraph test, which would nail my every single lie to a live audience and then telecast it to the prime time idiot box lovers. Probably, that’s one of the reasons why I am always happy, because like many others, I too believe in half-baked truths, hearsay and lies. <br><br>
There are different types of liars, some are compulsive liars, some are protective liars, but I tend to believe I am an unyielding one, who never gives up – a platonic liar - who just happens to be verbose and every once in a while does not mind entertaining people with a verbal diarrhoea of his rambling thoughts. However, my garrulity is not the by-product of any substance abuse or psychosomatic disorders. At times, I just drop words from my mouth and as chivalrous as I am, I continue to carry the burden of ‘truth’ because I do not want to hurt people intentionally or unintentionally. If not self-deceived, deceiving others can be really fun! <br><br>
All this while you might be thinking how mean and spiteful the writer is, isn’t it? Well, I can’t help myself but thank you for being such a patient reader (Is that a lie? You decide buddy!). <br><br>
Why do we lie? Is truth that big a burden or staying honest such a difficult thing? <br><br>
I don’t think most of us lie for the sake of creativity. One needs to interpret things and look beyond the context. Certainly, lying is not a virtue and definitely not a great thing to do but we all still lie. Just like a spider weaves its web, we constantly like to weave a web of delusions. <br><br>
At times, it is very difficult to differentiate between ‘truths’ and ‘lies’ -- What about a lie that can save one’s life? Isn’t a lie that brings a smile on face thousand times better than the unsavoury, bitter pill of harsh truth? Is truth alone that we need to seek? It seems there is thin difference between truth and lies. <br><br>
Life cannot be just black and white; there are some gray areas too. And herein lies the importance of ‘lies’, as a bit of fiction is necessary in our lives. After all, this is what that gives us the eternal hope to carry on with life. Well, ignorance can truly be blissful. Don’t you think so? <br><br>

<b><i>The writer of this blog firmly believes that he is not fat, just big boned! </i></b><br><br>


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