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Men in danger!

By Sharique N Siddiquie | Last Updated: Thursday, July 16, 2009 - 00:37
Sharique N Siddiquie
Common Man

Life and society have been very unfair to us. Us….men. We have been tortured by women in all forms possible and yet we were expected not to cry, after all it’s not ‘manly’ to cry. As if, the right to feel bad and cry has been reserved for women and we are even denied our mandatory 33% reservation.

The story of our suffering is not new. Our wives instigated us to fight wars (remember Mahabharata), our mothers killed us (watch Mother India), we have been bestowed upon the responsibility to get our sisters married and to top it all, we are supposed to fear our better halves all our lives.

And as if this was not enough, after suffering so much, we still get the raw deal as women are called the ‘fairer sex’. I mean, isn’t it unfair to call us ‘unfair sex’. Poor us.

But we survived all this for ages and continued to exist. Probably because we were essential for procreation. The world population could not have increased without us. In simple words, we were indispensable because we have sperms. Because even though women did 90% in a child’s birth still our 10% was vital.

We could have continued to have our 10% importance had it been a ‘science-less’ world, but it’s not that. Science, which has saved so many lives, has put a question mark on the requirement of the male species of human beings. It created artificial sperms.

Yes, Mr Karim Nayernia and his colleagues at the University of Newcastle recently treated male embryonic stem cells (ESCs) with a range of substances, which converted them first into germline stem cells, and finally into spermatogonial stem cells.

This simply means that now sperm can be created in laboratory outside a man’s body.

So now, women don’t even require us for procreation! They can do so on their own and can afford to ignore us completely.

This is a dangerous situation.

The world can run without men, and women have all the reasons to finish us completely. After all, we have subjected them to all sorts of brutalities like oppression, rape, female foeticide, physical abuse etc without any second thoughts. Now it is their turn to take revenge.

The male species, which is yet to find a solution to recover from the onslaught of ‘gays’, has got a major blow from this scientific invention. It has become very difficult for us to survive now.

Men are marrying men and women marrying women and all this has been accepted by our courts. Though women can afford to have such relationships as they can still make children, men are the worst sufferers.

Being on the verge of extinction, I now feel it was any day better to be killed by your mother(like in Mother India) or being beaten by your wife than to be extinct altogether.

The SOS in my opinion is that each one of us should enter into wedlock as soon as possible for the sake of our future generations and for the continuance of the male species. Even if it means marrying a Rakhi Sawant on national television.

God……save us!

First Published: Thursday, July 16, 2009 - 00:37

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