Mother`s Day: Life away from a mother!

Updated: May 07, 2014, 17:39 PM IST

A mother is a figure, who brings out a mammoth of emotions in us. No words or appreciation can match the respect and love that she commands.

Have we ever thought of the unconditional support and selfless love that a mother gives so easily? The small little things that she takes care of, no matter how minuscule, leave a huge impact on our lives. You are lucky if you have this multi-tasking figure right beside you. Life without her can turn upside down and maybe worse.

When one has to stay away from home, in pursuit of an education or for a job, one is bound to realise the importance of their family and most importantly their mother.

You realise that suddenly you are left all by yourself. An alarm clock replaces your mother`s frequent attempts to wake you up, and suddenly you start missing her persistence which you found annoying earlier.

Breakfast becomes a novelty for you. You wistfully go back to the time when your mother prepared a king-size breakfast for you, and would never let you leave home empty stomach.

You realise you no longer have the liberty to crib about food like you did when you lived at home. You can no longer complain about the lack of taste of healthy veggies that she made you eat as a child. Now, you will eat anything and everything. Surviving on even toast and cornflakes seems like luxury, but had you been back home you would have given it a toss for the otherwise wholesome food you got treated to every morning, afternoon and night.

Complaining about trivial things no longer seems feasible; life no longer seems like a bed of roses your mother made for you. The household chores you are bogged down with are a pain-staking task which you never realised existed until you had to do them on your own.

Nothing seems to be done on time, and you wish your mother would appear and settle everything for you with just a wave of her hand.

We should really bow down to all the working mothers and single mothers who manage to take care of everything so well, and raise their kids to survive this rather tough world.

Especially the times we are ill, we realise how ignorant we were of the care we got back home. A mother would go through that same pain that we go through, and would do anything possible to just relieve us of all that suffering. Even if it was a simple cold.

There is no one who can match up to the care and attention that a mother showers on us selflessly. And lying alone, all uncared and unattended when we are down and out in the tough little world of self reliance brings back the agony of not having the person who loves you the most.

You are jolted with a pang of guilt when you think of the times you ignored your mother, for all the wrong friends and meaningless parties. Now, away from her you know that you would give anything to go back in time so you could spend some precious time talking to her, hanging on to her every wise word. If only wishes were horses...

A mother is an epitome of inspiration, a friendly guide, a soulful listener and a mentor. You know no matter what, your secret lies safe with her. She won`t ditch you or spill your secrets, but would rather be there for you when you are going through a storm.

Life sails smooth with her around - no worries, no stress. For all the sacrifices she made, she`ll never be vocal about it. But respect her and let her know that someone cares for her too. This Mother`s Day, look back at the endless things she did for you. Be grateful that you still have a special woman in your life, a figure no one can ever replace.

Because life without her is impossible and life away from her is rather challenging, and you don`t realise it till the time you face the crazy world without her to go back to.

If you`ve been ignoring your mother for other unimportant issues, this Mother`s Day make it up to her. Try and make her feel half as important as she makes you feel. Her smile would be worth all the effort you put in.

It’s her day, she deserves that love and attention.

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