My conversations with Mr. S

Updated: Jun 22, 2011, 12:30 PM IST

It goes round and round spreading its golden fingers on the ground the whole day. <br/><br/>Through bare heaven without recline and in the blue gleaming days thicker than rain, it showers its rays. <br/><br/>Above the hills and along the blue, this gardener of the World shines to illuminate the world with its beacon of light and dispel all traces of darkness and fright. <br/><br/>In summer’s heat and at mid- day, I lay languidly on the bed to rest my limbs with all the windows shut. <br/><br/>But, no matter how close I pull the blinds to keep the shady parlour cool, yet he finds a crevice or two to slip his golden fingers through. <br/><br/>He makes his way through the keyhole and through the broken edge of tiles into the laddered hay-loft smiles. <br/><br/>With his golden face around, he sheds a warm and glittering look among the ivy’s inmost nook. <br/><br/>The sun has risen to warm up the earth. Welcome Mr. Sun to the earth - Good Morning. <br/><br/>Yes, summer time is here with Sun in its full swing to spread heat this spring. The warm winds hurling the lilacs and the new leaves withering in the Sun, can it be that for nature it’s pure fun? <br/><br/>In this summer heat, one cannot see children screaming outside their houses, street vendors scowling, police officers sweating, cars in traffic weaving, bus brakes squawking. <br/><br/>What one sees in this golden hue burning in the west is waterfall boiling, pack of birds migrating and beaches packed to the brim like sardines overflowing the can. <br/><br/>Don’t you think the Sun is brighter these days? I think it needs to take rest from all that warming it does best. <br/><br/>Due to rising mercury, large swathes of people are reeling under a searing heat wave. People are dropping dead as rising temperatures are playing havoc with the air circulation patterns that control heat and cause rain. <br/><br/>Moreover, a frightening pattern has been observed that heat waves have persisted for a larger duration in this decade than in the previous two. <br/><br/>With continuous sweat running down my flesh like the ocean waves cuddling the sand and a dry mouth, I feel that the Sun is bright awake and is burning so hot that it burns my skin. It is so dreadful that I feel there is nothing left for it but to take off my meat and sit on my bones. <br/><br/>All I am left with is dirty hands, quench for iced tea to soothe my thirst, garden fragrances thick in the air and a blanket of golden colour before me…Who could ask for more? I feel that the golden master whispers to me that be a flower and turn your face towards me. <br/><br/>Finally, at evening when the crimson crest of sunset passes down the west, it feels so relaxed. So, in this scorching 21st century summer heat I request you Mr. Sun to have mercy and envelope me in less harsher hues.

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