My Coorg Diary

This is a continuous sight as you pass through the 20 X 60 Sq Km Coorg. The short plants are the Coffee and the twisting leaves around the tree is Pepper. The Pepper is grown along with the Coffee to give it shade.Although a Coffee plant can grow more in length during its 60-70 year lifespan,its deliberately trimmed to a certain height, so that plucking can be done easily.<br/><br/>Lonely,Desolate and Tranquil...that's how Coorg roads can be defined.Neither hilly,nor barren...neither dry...nor a flooded mess:Everything just seems perfect as you drive down the "Coorgway".<br/><br/>We were doing a HOME STAY at Mrs Aiyappa's beloved School Estate.Almost 175 year old,School Estate was bought by the Aiyappa family from Germans who had build the place and later gifted it to a Rector.Magnificently maintained,this 200 Acres estate can really blow your mind.A small list of things you can do here :<br/><br/><b>A. Take a Walk On The Wild Side: </b>Taking a stroll through the estate is a separate high in itself.With the collective singing of Crickets like a Luciano Pavarotti opera show and no one in would come back with "Mud In Your Shoes" but "Peace In Your Mind".<br/><br/> <b>B. Sit quietly and just WONDER:</b><br/>Green fields in front me, <br/>Glimmering in the twilight.<br/>I put my rucksack down,<br/>And look up to the blue sky!<br/>The dawn will be breaking soon,<br/>A storm from nearby hails!<br/>A stork plucks fishies from the lake,<br/>And a rickety fisherman sails!<br/>Good morning life, good morning light,<br/>Good morning, to all the happiness inside.<br/>Good morning joy, good morning zest,<br/>Good morning to all of us, and all the very best.<br/><br/><b>C. Sit at the Dining Table and lick your lips at the possibilities that awaits:</b><br/>In case you are a Veggie...sorry...Coorg might be a tough place for case you are staying in a typical Home Stay.And frankly,its a Home Stay that gives Coorg its amazing Charm and Charisma.For a meat lover,Coorg Home Cooked food is a "Tastebud Overload".Pork with Bamboo Shoots(Bamboo Shoots that are cut from the estate itself),Mutton Cutlets,Chicken Curry...all this with the Kadamkutta Rice and Oota Rice Roti.Moreover the Gravy is darker and a little sour due to the local home made "Toddy Vinegar" that they use.What can I say,guys?I wish there was Inter State Home Delivery from Coorg To Delhi!!!<br/><br/><b>D. And after that scrumptious meal, go for a walk, look up at the sky and again wonder:</b><br/>Dark Night in front of me, <br/>A curtain of clouds fall. <br/>The ursa glimmers on the horizon,<br/>As the shiny Venus enthralls!<br/>The hills glimmers and twinkle,<br/>With the lights from a nearby town.<br/>The voices echo from a distance,<br/>As another day curtains out!<br/>Good night my life,Good Night My dear,<br/>I’m satiated with all that I have here.<br/>The trance of nature,the trance of light,<br/>The trance of sound,and the quiet sound of the night! <br/><br/>Stay tuned for day fellow comrades. As the Carpenter's said: "We've Only Just Begun"<br/>

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