New Year Syndrome

Yeah, it has come again…Happy New Year. <br><br>
After having enjoyed a gala time with our family and friends, partying till the crack of the dawn, boogying to the latest party anthems, we have finally arrived in 2011. <br><br>
“I am looking forward to a helluva time man,” said one of my close friends before getting sloshed in ‘high spirits’ of New Year. I am pretty sure that most of us entered the New Year on a hic…hic…high note! And me being a teetotaller, I had the rare honour of escorting a few friendly tippers back home. What a wonderful way to enter the New Year! <br><br>
It has been couple of days after the wild night of partying and most of my pals have sobered down, except a few petulant souls, who still want to carry on with their New Year jamboree, spreading their overwhelming warmth to one and all. <br><br>
Yup, it’s New Year; once again it’s the same time of the year when we meticulously paint a rosy picture of our bright and prosperous future. We all look forward to a great year ahead, making new wishes, a list of all the things which we ‘must’ and ‘should’ do in the coming year. It’s nearly amazing the way most of us regulate our lives according to the calendar. Though there is nothing wrong about it, but there is nothing so great about it either. It’s always good to prioritise our lives but it would be wiser to stay away from the New Year syndrome – making superfluous New Year resolutions. <br><br>
Last week, my otherwise busy, Blackberry-MacBook brandishing corporate honcho neighbour bumped into me and intently inquired about my New Year resolutions. It’s not that I have great dislike for all his <i>gyaan</i>, but the very question about my New Year resolutions just put me off. I wanted to give him a colourful reply but held myself back before he bombarded me with all sort of things he needs to do this year...blah blah blah... <br><br>
First of all, I don’t make New Year resolutions and secondly, even if I make one, what it has got to do with you nosy-parker? <br><br>
As far as I know, I have never ever made any New Year resolution. Never in childhood, nor during teenage and neither in my maturity. I just don’t get the whole idea of making New Year resolutions and sticking to them for the entire year and then yanking them out of your life for the next ones. Leave alone annual plans, I have never even bothered about checking my hourly plans...Lol. The whole concept of yearly planning is just not me...trying to compartmentalise each year of our lives. <br><br>
Let’s see it this way, why to wait for something after three-hundred-and-sixty-five days when we all can take instant decisions. I am sure that most of us will agree with me. Mulling over issues and formulating thousand ways to do a single thing is such a killer! It’s good to be meticulous, but let’s not make it an Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. <br><br>
Just cut short all that unnecessary thinking. Listen to your heartbeat as you breathe in and out. Don’t kill yourself with all those permutation and combinations of life. Go with the flow...whatever you want to do, just do it now...seize the moment...Carpe Diem baby! <br><br>
Let’s be wise this year and not fall prey to the New Year syndromes. Let’s celebrate each passing day of our lives as a brand new day. Happy New Year to all of you!


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