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‘NOBEL’MAN OBAMA…& a blind me

By Vineet Sharma | Last Updated: Friday, October 9, 2009 - 15:39
Vineet Sharma

BARACK OBAMA, the God, the Savior, the Christ won the Nobel Peace Prize…The world is a better place to live in now!

These are the kind of fanatical reactions one comes across when it comes to the current US president, Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize. I remember similar demi-god worships when he was running in the race for becoming the president (I really believe America voted for their first Black president as they weren’t ready for their first woman president).

There has been media frenzy around this man ever since I have come across his name on TV. He might be a good leader, visionary and a humanitarian, but please give me a break. He surely is ordinary in his work till now, to say the least.

The Iraq war still goes on, Uncle Sam’s troops still parade the streets of Afghanistan with their tanks and guns (would you really believe that Afghans are absolutely so incapable of thought that they need the US watchdog even now?).

The US of A still holds the biggest nuke arsenal on the face of this planet and ironically the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize goes to the man who heads the state, for his “efforts for a nuclear free world”. Are we really as dumb and blind as we currently seem to come across?

Agreed, he is one of those rare ones, who invited Iran for talks. But is that enough to say that it is a CHANGE that has altered the history of the world? As per my last updates, the relations are still as jumbled as they were before.

Mr Obama’s efforts to make India sign the non-proliferation treaty surely give me the chills, wouldn’t you be worried if a super-rich sage would come up to your doorstep tomorrow, with millions of followers and ask you to give-up all YOUR money so that the world would be a less materialistic and more humane place to live in.

Now I’m not an avid follower of world politics, but if one was to tell me that Barack Obama has done more work in bringing peace to this world than Mahatma Gandhi, I’d really have to slap you on both the cheeks (I’m not a Gandhian either).

What about the drone attacks that the US carries out in Afghanistan and Pakistan? What about the fact that the “efforts” towards a nuclear free world have resulted in N-tests by North Korea? What about the problem of Cuba?

It is just his first year in office and the giving away of big awards and trophies just stinks of diplomatic hypocrisy and an over eagerness of the world to please a man who is the darling of a media that is simply banking on TRPs.

But then, I’m just an ordinary guy, writing about an extraordinary change. Barack Obama. (gotta admit that the man is so big that he wouldn’t even know I exist, but what about you? Do you still see him as the man who will deliver you from all that is wrong in the world, because he is OBAMA)

First Published: Friday, October 9, 2009 - 15:39

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