Obsessive ‘Modi’ disorder

2014 General Elections are around the corner and the `political drama` surrounding the polls is bound to get intense with time. But surprisingly, candidates contesting elections have side-stepped “self-promotion” game plan and are rather busy slinging mud at one another, and particularly Narendra Modi.

The Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP’s prime ministerial candidate gets dragged into almost every other issue. And clearly, he seems to be the only one whom everyone else is earnestly dreaming of defeating.

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has more often than not proved his credentials as a dynastic heir, “worthy” of occupying the PM`s post only by virtue of his lineage and nothing more. Like several other detractors of Narendra Modi, even Rahul Gandhi seems to be thoroughly obsessed with the Gujarat CM.

Nonetheless, after Aam Aadmi Party chief Arvind Kejriwal’s much talked about `drama` in Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi’s march “in search of development in Gujarat” only proves that Modi’s opponents are indeed suffering from `Modiphobia`!

If there are two topics that are hotly debated in this contest – one is the UPA’s apparent paralysis and the other is Modi, and it is likely that the contest will continue to be so until the General Elections results are announced.

For example, after having miserably failed with the “secular vs communal card”, Gandhi’s Congress, Mulayam Singh’s Samajwadi Party, Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party and the Leftists have been desperately looking for ways to attack Modi.

Ironically, once BJP’s ally - Nitish Kumar of Janata Dal (United) - is spitting venom at Modi, as if he has no other business to do to save his chair. Possibly because of his aspiration to take charge of the nation as the Prime Minister! Not one to take it lying down, Modi, the man in question, is making the most of the hullabaloo that is being created, and is leaving no stone unturned in taking pot-shots at his opponents as well.

Coming back to the Congress scion’s “march to Gujarat” in search of development, it is apparent that BJP’s opponents have lost all hope of winning on the basis of their own merit!

The flag-bearers of secularism have time and again maligned Modi by forcibly dragging the 2002 riots into the picture. But when fingers are raised at them questioning their inaction during communal riots in Congress or Congress ally ruled states, they say “law will take its own course”.

And they conveniently choose to ignore Supreme Court-appointed Special Investigation Team’s report on Modi’s non-involvement in the 2002 riots. Isn’t that hypocrisy?

And to all such uncomfortable questions, all that Gandhi scion has to say is- “We introduced RTI”, “We will empower women”, and “We will change the system”.

But the nation is certainly watching and following the current state of affairs very closely. They know Rahul and his team seem to have no answers on the endless scams and corruption cases.

It would have been better if Congress and its allies or Aam Admi Party could sing songs of their own achievements rather than trying to put someone down, who has been constitutionally elected as the Chief Minister of a state not once but thrice in a row.

Even Modi uses his rallies to take a jibe at people and thus makes it even-steven. Perhaps that’s what politics is all about.

Nonetheless, it is high time for Modi’s detractors to get rid of the obsessive ‘Gujarat’ disorder and do some work on the ground level themselves. Perhaps that would be a fitting response to Modi’s “model of development” !