Paint it spicezee red!

Hi there, reader! Yes you, my dear, ogling at this bright page spilling into red. It’s because of you that we at Zee News are all worked up! From the bossy types (hey boss it’s just a blog!) to the <I> chai chors</I> (the peon who is too busy looking at Mallika Sherawat on site)! All excited and taking a deep breath before plunging into the spicy world that the new India- Your India, my India- has come to live in.<br/><br/>Welcome to the heady times of a youngistan India. Where the gentlemen’s game has turned into a sporting orgy incomplete without a bevy firang beauties jiggling what they got, where your fav stars are willing to shake what they got with YOU on a reality show, where blogs have replaced eyes as the window to one’s soul, and where the letter ‘S’ truly represents everything we love- silver spoons, saucy curves, sushi, sex, street food, style, smooth skin, saree, spotlight, speaking (arguing, if a certain ‘S’en is to be believed), soul-searching, sparkling drinks and spice.<br/><br/>Lots of the last ‘S’.<br/><br/>It’s not for nothing that our land is often called the spice bowl. Since the time our ancients found spices to churn the curry culture, our <I>mirch-masala</I> has tickled many a-nose and made them stream with tears of gluttonous gratitude.<br/><br/>You see, we are like that only.<br/><br/>Celebrating birth and death, kindling a thousand lights on a moonless night, squeezing lemon into our soft-drinks, making our <I>sati-savitris</I> drench on screen with proper <I>jhtakas</I> in my-white-is whiter-than-your-white sarees, throwing colours at none other than God…the spice train just goes on.<br/><br/>Spice is truly the way of life in India. And in such a charged atmosphere, how could we ignore the amount of fun you are having and, indeed, want to have?<br/><br/>After all underneath us all Indians is a <I>chaat </I>loving foodie who just can’t do without his daily mouthful of <I>golgappa</I>. No, not even the hard news nosed nosey types (us) who like to drown themselves under the Sethusamudram or periodically choke themselves with nuclear deal dramas.<br/><br/>So it was that we decided to add some <I>tadka</I> in your- and our- life. Smelling it already? Well that’s brewing!<br/><br/>It’s your adda, dhaba, lounge, pub, disc, mehfil- call it what you will- of glamour, glitz and girls. From Rakhi Sawant’s latest nakhra to Britney’s newest revelation (not just the sans underwear type), from movies and music ratings to what’s happening at a theatre near you, from the latest offering from Salman Rushdie to Sri Sri Ravishankar’s enlightening musings- Spicezee is your first and last stop on the entertainment trail.<br/><br/>Basically puts anything and everything about the well heeled and sought after trendsetters from India and across the world just a click away.<br/><br/>Television, Fashion, fads, funny & weird stories from around the world, Bollywood/Hollywood gossip, hotties on the dating circuit, latest pictures & videos, blogs, interviews, reviews & previews, fitness & yoga- you ask it, Spicezee’s got it.<br/><br/>And oh I hope you didn’t miss the main ingredient of this mouth watering salami of a site, its main <I>masala</I>- You. This offering is made entirely with you in mind. You can have your say on every story posted, every picture shown, every video played- you type it, we make it live instantly.<br/><br/>Believe me you, feedback is something taken very seriously here. So bring on the compliments/<I>Wah Wahs</I>, the brickbats/<I>Chi Chis</I>- we are all ears dear reader.<br/><br/>And in the end, well a statutory warning:<br/><br/>‘Logging on to can be intoxicating. You may feel like abandoning the eggs simmering on your pan or the sandwich grilling in the oven and find your eyes & ears glued to the computer screen. We take no responsibility for sudden wardrobe changes due to the fashion tips offered on site nor would the company be liable in case of your sudden urge to karaoke your neighbours deaf just to be published on the website. We will entertain no complaints about any rise in the number of gossip aunts who know why Katrina has become such a cat or why Amy Winehouse craves for pills. In short, click at your own risk.’<br/><br/>Happy…..zing!<br/><br/><br/><br/><br/>

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