Reasoning the Unreasonable

At times, being reasonable cannot be reasonable enough, for most of us, who believe in leading our lives in a well planned way, are the most deluded of the lot. Do you think it’s a joke? Believe me; it’s true, in all its exactness. <br/><br/>Those who believe in a meticulous lifestyle should know that life is not a map, which can be interpreted with the help of a cartographer. Often, being too reasonable has its own hazards, for when it comes to its application; one can be on a sticky wicket. <br/><br/>With each one of us belonging to a diverse background, varied upbringing, education and moral values, it is a fact that no one of us shares a set of opinion, barring the fact that all of us believe in reasons of our own making. We all have an inner logic of interpreting things. However, it would be quite unfair to say that human actions are based on reason alone, as there are many external and internal factors that influence our decision making faculties. As we grow old and mature, we develop higher interpreting faculties based on our previous experiences, and we tend to become a better judge of things. Yet, this higher interpreting faculty is very individualistic in nature, for no two people share the same set of experiences. <br/><br/>Now, caught in a dilemma of what to choose and what not to choose, we finally accept the reason, only which is best suited in our case, thereby ignoring the availability of other possibilities. <br/><br/>But isn’t this the same in everybody’s case. Even though no two people share the same set of experiences, most of us have made choices in life based on our own likes or dislikes. <br/><br/>Human life is not a cast in the wheel or an ordered universe, as John Lennon said it just right, ‘Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.’ <br/><br/>With each one of us carrying our own reason to believe, it can be a tad too difficult in seeking order amongst universal reason of things. However, it’s just our intuition, beliefs and intelligence that help us in making choices – be it good or bad. <br/><br/>It’s indeed ironical that only by taking independent charge of things; we conquer the indecisiveness of reasoning and seek a resolute life – finally freeing ourselves from all flaws of a well reasoned and a supposedly orderly life. The fact of life is, there is nothing called an ideal life and sometimes, even reason has to be reasoned!<br/>


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