Reasons why womanhood will be extinct soon...

By Gayatri Sankar | Updated: Feb 16, 2015, 09:57 AM IST

As if womanhood wasn't stabbed unto death after Nirbhaya’s brutal gang-rape and the atrocities meted out to her body beyond imagination that the spine-chilling case of Rohtak gang-rape of a mentally challenged woman came to light.

Irony will die many more brutal deaths as long as women of the “21st century” from across the globe will be targeted by violence-driven human-like beasts that derive sadistic pleasure by abusing a woman sexually, physically and mentally.

Men can’t really fathom the magnitude of agony a woman experiences, as every single day of her life poses a new form of challenge to her. No where on earth will a woman find a safe shelter. Being a woman myself, I know exactly what the rest from my “species” feels.

If the dinosaurs, dodo and many other forms of life on earth could cease to exist, then why should women feel complacent? We actually don’t deserve to be on this earth and I will tell you why:

·        Most of us are actually “liabilities” to be shouldered by our parents. From the time of our birth, they start worrying about dowry for our marriage. A lucky few (like me) are treated like princesses by their parents but the ones who aren’t are either murdered in the womb or ill-treated for being a daughter all their lives. Sadly, the unlucky daughters outnumber the privileged ones.

·        Things become worse when a girl child has a male sibling. Most parents have least inhibitions admitting to the fact that they prefer their boy over their girl. In such a scenario, their blood selectively gets thinner than water for their daughter.

·        Who says a woman has the right to education? Does she even have full and uninterrupted access to her basic necessities to even think about anything else? She has to eventually get married, produce children and look after them. She shapes her needs according to what others think is best for her. So out of exasperation, she murders her own identify.

· And last but not the least. She is a commodity meant for a man’s physical, emotional and voyeuristic consumption. This needs a bit of elaboration.

If a woman succeeds in arriving on this planet from her mother’s womb amidst joyous celebrations, a world that passionately practices discrimination awaits her induction into the society. Her parents too nurse a constant fear, as they realise that their child belongs to the “weaker-sex”.

No woman on earth feels secure! A female infant too can fall prey to a man’s beastly sexual desire. A girl in her youth can’t escape the prying voyeuristic eyes of men who ogle her and objectify parts of her body that make her look different from them. And when frustration levels cross the saturation point, men sexually impose even on women in their eighties and past.

Women have been reduced to commodities meant for satisfying men’s sexual needs. And if she resists giving in to their demands, she will have to be prepared to face the harshest punishment- harbour pebbles, sticks and rods in her private parts.

Wouldn’t becoming extinct be a much better option than living with a constant fear of being mistreated by men? 

Dear women, let's go elsewhere, where womanhood isn’t taken for granted.