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Red hot: When nude Bollywood ‘legends’ take a dig at each other…

By Gayatri Sankar | Last Updated: Friday, August 3, 2012 - 17:03
Gayatri Sankar
The Revolutionary

‘Go nude for instant fame’ is probably the new mantra that most of our self-declared ‘Bollywood’ starlets have proudly adopted. Turning eye candy is the latest fad and micro-blogging sites have come in handy to do some good to their otherwise “hopeless” careers!

Sherlyn Chopra, Poonam Pandey and Rozlyn Khan are our very own Tweeting divas who love treating their tweethearts with sleazy pictures and by turning into fetishes for voyeurs.

They love flaunting their assets and appreciate positive remarks for being bold, sexy and modern Indians!

Poonam Pandey claims to be “a New Generation Girl!!!”, while Sherlyn Chopra is “just a girl”. Wonder how these women define a “girl”.

As we all know, Sherlyn is the only esteemed Indian to have received the honour of being Playboy’s playmate but her nudist act hasn’t gone down well with her contemporaries Poonam and Rozlyn. It’s understandable! Sadly, they weren’t the lucky ones to grace Hugh Hefner’s mansion and feature in a magazine that’s popular worldwide.

Sherlyn, the “Bollywood legend”, now leads the sexy wannabes and is far too ahead of them, for she has done what others till then had only said. And hence they say “barking dogs seldom bite!” And thus, this is what jealousy has done to one Rozlyn, who took to Twitter to get back at Sherlyn.

She wrote, “vil people buy playboy for sc??? when porn is easily available on net???(sic).” Yes…of course we have imported porn star Sunny Leone, who is raring to create a niche in mainstream cinema. But since the lady is keen on retaining her image of a porn star, her porn films will never cease to do good business in India.

Rozlyn loves to flaunt her naked body for social causes and believes in being a grade higher than Ms Chopra and Ms Pandey. She has made desperate attempts to make headlines by posing topless for a breast cancer awareness campaign and doing a John Abraham for promoting IPL season 5 and even going full monty for the same.

“i threatened poondey,N to beat me in poondey SC went nungi???? ha ha ha,,,girls use brains and not body,,i was just teasing thru my acts:)(sic),” Rozlyn tweeted. (But Rozlyn, how can they put their brains into use when they have none?)

Rozlyn even suggested Sherlyn to get married to Playboy founder Hugh Hefner. It was speculated that Sherlyn might have had to sleep with Hefner to return his favour.

Rozlyn wrote, “sc should have married hugh henfer 85 age (her grans age or may be younger) she would have got biggest news in india,,she want big news na?(sic).”

Rozlyn even took a dig at actor Govinda by saying that in the present times, his aura of being a star has been reduced to selling an oil brand on TV and giving fake testimony about the product. She compared the actor to Chopra and said that her Playboy act wouldn’t to any good to save her career.

What good has Rozlyn done till date? Will she be able to justify her slimy antics by tagging them social causes? I don’t think so.

And if you were thinking why Poonam hasn’t found a mention till now, here’s the latest update on her. The girl had recently posted her cleavage revealing pictures on Twitter and tweeted, “My boobs went from big to humongous, they're making some changes in the bust”.

And she believes her assets are hottest in India. “Tweethearts .... have u ever seen ne thing as HOT as this in INDIA(sic),” Poonam tweeted.

This must have come as a response to Sherlyn’s Playboy act and her growing popularity since then.

It’s almost like a nude war on Twitter for these women, as they have no other avenue to garner fame. They do have a certain set of ardent followers to call their own, but they mustn’t forget that their <i>chaar din ki jawani</i> wouldn’t be of any help in due course.

Until then, they may merrily make hay while the sun is shining bright!

First Published: Friday, August 3, 2012 - 17:03

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