RIP Humanity- No more Aman and Tamasha!

By Gayatri Sankar | Updated: May 04, 2013, 15:31 PM IST

He wouldn’t have ever, even in his nightmare thought of returning to his home in a coffin. His family waited for over 2 decades with bated breath to have him back hale and hearty.

Alas… none of their heartfelt wishes could materialise.

Pakistan, our not-so-friendly neighbour, has in a way taken us for granted. They know not, for example, how to reciprocate peace and friendship. They have beheaded our soldiers, mutilated them and have tortured our very own men in their territory.

After Chamel Singh, Sarabjit Singh returned home in a state of eternal muteness and to rest peacefully in his home soil after being subjected to years of physical and mental harassment in an alien land.

On the one hand as our men are brutally killed by them, we, the peace-lovers, have been persistently extending a hand of friendship to their people, who come to India to earn their livelihood.

Pakistani artistes, sportsmen and many others cross the borders to engage in various activities. Lovers of art, who claim that art is beyond barriers of caste, faith, nationality or creed, must understand that an artist too is a citizen of his country. He may be a diehard lover of his art-form, but will also have to acknowledge the passion that his fellow citizens have for the nation.

Embracing Paksitanis would have reaped fruits only if they had known how to co-exist peacefully. But perhaps they think that by sending back the body of Sarabjit Singh sans his vital organs is how one returns favours bestowed on them!

If we were to evaluate our equation with someone, who has time and again hurt us, would it make sense in going and befriending the same person again?

Wouldn’t our conscience stop us from committing the same foolishness again, after having had burnt our fingers earlier?

Friendship, love and peace aren’t complex languages that are tough to understand. But if someone is hell-bent on not understanding them, it would only be stupid of us to make it sound explicable to deaf ears.

I fail to understand what makes us entertain people from across the border and even attempt to have a dialogue with them. If the country in itself doesn’t allow space for sane dialogue to be exchanged, then what makes India expect wisdom from them?

India, reportedly spent over Rs 30 crores in four years on Ajmal Kasab, the Pakistani terrorist who was caught red-handed at the Chattrapati Shivaji Terminus on 26 November 2008, an ill-fated night, that no Indian would ever forget.

The Indo-Tibetan Border Police deployed around 250 guards for the young terror-monger. Kasab’s food and medical expenses were also luxuriously taken care of. He was held captive in a bullet and bomb proof cell that cost Rs 2 crores! And the expenses don’t end there. A special court was constructed and connected to the cell by a tunnel that could resist bombs attacks.

Such treatment was meted out to Kasab, who was caught committing the crime of killing and injuring civilians here in India. And there, in Pakistan, Sarabjit, who has not been proven guilty and had served a double jail term, was butchered to death within the prison walls.

Justice and peace is what we want and not the empty promises that have continuously been made to us since times immemorial.

Whether or not to terminate enmity with India is their prerogative. But let’s not talk of aman anymore and let’s not assist them in making a tamasha out of all our peace-making concerns.