Rulers versus Leaders

The horrific gang rape of anonymous has brought in to sharp focus the fact that for all our claims of being a democracy, our so called leaders have the mindset of rulers not leaders.

The reality of India is a brutal society - terribly lawless, feudal which privileges inheritance and entrenched patriarchy with a police force that sees itself as a private army to VIPs.

Forget the strategic silence of Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi, who is always away and is now even averse to his earlier self described "game changing cameos", how can any political party which has across the spectrum sent 261 crime against women offenders including rapists to legislatures have empathy for women?

What about the criminal antecedents of our MPs who describe colleagues as thumkewali`s, CMs who refer derisively to fifty crore girlfriends and of course the first son and marginal MP who rubbishes rape protestors as dented painted women. Clearly you can put louts in office, but can’t take the crass vulgarism out of them.

With a 40 years age gap between the Indian legislator and himself, the average Indian is impatient, not given to due defence and mocking a Mai Baap government you have the pathetic spectacle of the home minister who occupies his office due to a mixture of sycophancy and caste, comparing young kids to Maoists while whining about the overtime he put in.

Both the Congress and the BJP are so atrophied that you have the army of the silent aka the Rahul baba brigade, who are now pushing 40 but in their attitudes and beliefs in hereditary privilege would put a khap panchayat to shame. They have not said a word simply because they are bemused and because they take their cues from baba.

It did not strike Sushma Swaraj to talk about the fact that every alleged VIP has three policemen guarding them while the average citizen has to be content with a ratio of one policeman to 700 Aam Admi; no to her the main thing was the zinda lash ( living dead) metaphor. What sick thinking is this? Ms Swaraj had earlier threatened to shave her head and sleep on the floor if Sonia Gandhi became PM making a mockery of widowhood.

Are these the wretched caricatures we need as leaders?

India has changed and these people are past there sell-by date. Theek hai?