School on wheels!

Updated: Sep 04, 2015, 20:05 PM IST

Better known as the metropolitan city, Gurgaon is flourishing fast and is undoubtedly becoming beautiful day-by-day. The grand opportunities, best of clothing, lavish eating and leisure make the city twinkle with warmth and desires.

But just like every beautiful thing has an underneath of emptiness, this city too breeds in areas where childhood is marred and stained, making it a crestfallen situation.

Despite prosperity, Gurgaon is not live-wire and easy for every dweller. There are a number of slum areas that are deprived of education and slum kids are fighting with harsh situations at such tender age. In the strain to fill their empty tummies, education seems utopian for these innocent souls.

Out of the many aspirations and desires which encircle our lives one that should surely reign on our minds is teaching kids. Not just because it is their right, but because we were taught as well.

Be it alone, in collaboration or with the help of any NGO, we must take upon ourselves to spread the word and teach.

Have you ever wondered about the children of your domestic help? Ever noticed what kind of education his/her kids are getting? If not, then you should. Take the step forward because you are capable and fortunately learned.

The concept that could transform the metropolitan city in my eyes is 'School on Wheels'. There are number of people who keep moving from place-to-place, be it construction sites, or wherever they labour for money. I have seen their little ones drooling in mud, passing the day without learning a word.

That is not the kind of future this country aspires, right? If there could be a bus or even a car facilitated with basic books for beginners, one board, few chalks, some juices and biscuit packs, coupled with one big heart and determination to educate one at least—the difference will be made.

Since these little children are incapable of going to school due to their nomadic nature of living, 'school on wheels' concept is indeed a silver lining for them. The joy to watch them eat healthy and learn could fill your emptiness as well.

Choosing one area, where you find the uneducated children laughing away to glory, can be rather turned into a teaching site. It can become a place where kids would be taught not just from the school books but also told how important table manners and cleanliness is. Also, values about love and respect can be inculcated. Just give them box of paints and let them colour their dreams.

Yes, you are capable and yes you should give.

However, a blessing in disguise is some of the genuine NGOs who teach the underprivileged about their basic rights. They take care of them while their parents are away making money to feed them.

In India, alcohol is sometimes cheaper to buy than food and it takes away the pain of hunger for many who are poor. Many men in the family are used to drinking and then behaving badly with family members, involuntarily or voluntarily. And growing up in such an atmosphere is the worst thing for anyone.

There are cases where rag pickers are found being clutched by drugs. Let us tell them there are better things to opt for. Another sad plight is poor sanitation in those congested close living quarters, and also the ones who do not have a roof at all. You might have seen many on the red lights selling roses and toys to earn a living.

Health has taken a dip and diseases are omnipresent making every second child malnourished in the country. Infections breed beyond average and can become an epidemic. Poor education and no knowledge about the sanitary conditions have made the plight even worse.

This is the need of the hour. We need to protect and help the future of the country—little children to not be weak and submissive to illness.

A basic lecture on hygiene for children can do wonders. Trust me! They love to learn and would happily ape how you wash your hands.

We can't simply sit at our homes, simply relying on charitable organisations to feed and teach them. The young blood in slum areas is passing each day by accepting whatever is being given to them from the blessed ones. So, let’s make sure they get genuine teachings, education and lots of love.

There are a lot of volunteers and happy students across the nation to take the initiative seriously. Let us make it a strong chain binding all the children together and raising the outshining future.

The golden bird is ready to fly, all it needs is the true participation of fair minded public. Let us raise the future leaders of tomorrow with the best we can!


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