Sheltering Osama!

One of the most horrifying and venomous faces of terror is dead and gone, bisecting the world into a green hemisphere and a white one. The green coloured hemisphere is mourning the death of their so called “hero who fought against the unjust”- a hero, who was reportedly hiding behind women to save his life when the US troops barged into the house he was living in. <br><br>
News that is doing the rounds clearly suggests that Laden was enjoying the support of Pakistan, the country he was taking refuge in as the US counter terrorism Chief John Brennan did not rule out the possibility of the terrorist having official backing. <br><br>

While talking to reporters Brennan said, "It is inconceivable that bin Laden did not have support system in the country that allowed him to remain there for extended period of time.” <br><br>

However, the other half of the world (now a cohesive unit), is rejoicing every single moment since the death of Osama bin Laden. Rightly so, the nations which believe in peaceful co-existence have been victims of terrorism in some way or the other. <br><br>

With the exposure of the fact that bin Laden was indeed seeking shelter in Pakistan only goes to show that a nation that boasts of being a lover of peace is undeniably the epicentre of global terror. <br><br>

Recounting agonising moments that are now indissoluble chapters of our post independence history, gruesome terror episodes have often left us teary eyed. And one of the freshest faces of terror is Ajmal Kasab, who is being treated with 5 star luxuries in Indian prison. This leaves millions of Indians wondering if this is what punishment is all about after committing mass murder! <br><br>

The man occupying the most powerful chair, Barack Obama, who monitored operation of the US forces where Osama was gunned down, has given the world temporary relief. The death of Laden does not signify the end of terror for he has left behind him an army of warmongers, who run various terror outfits across the globe in the name of ‘jehad’. Though Osama is no more, he has become a synonym of terror. <br><br>

With vows of revenge coming from bin Laden’s accomplices throughout the world, the terrifying community is displaying great venom against those who they think are enemies of God. And this is not a good sign. Nevertheless, as we say ‘Vinashakalay vipareetha buddhi’ (perverted intellect takes one away from truth), the distorted brains of the crooked shall cease to exist for sure. <br><br>

However, the ecstasy that is hanging heavily in the air over the news of bin Ladin’s death does make many sway in joy, but it also leaves many with unanswered questions. From the Indian point of view, Dawood Ibrahim, the mastermind behind the 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai and many other devastating missions is out of Indian reach. Why so? <br><br>

Our defence mechanism isn’t so lame that it cannot get hold of the man who tops India’s most wanted list. Our intelligence agencies aren’t any inferior that they cannot trap him and monitor his moves. But there must be some nefarious support system which knows how to enervate our defence system. <br><br>

Considering the catch-22 situation our nation enjoys with its neighbours, we need to act as collective unit. It’s high time we sort out both internal and external security issues and only then will we be able to safeguard our nation. <br><br>

The seed of patriotism should be sowed not just once a year but time and again in our hearts. We may take a leaf out of the book of the Americans. We may even learn that being a nationalist does not call for singing patriotic songs and hoisting the national flag and wearing flag badges. That suggests nothing but superficial love for the country. <br><br>

To ensure the world’s largest democracy feels safe and sound, we need to gain strategic edge. India needs to be very firm and not let anyone take our politeness for granted. <br><br>

As always, we silently believed our neighbours, who repeatedly kept denying Osama’s presence have been caught red-handed by the Americans. Can any of us do what the Americans did in a desperate attempt to uproot terror in the name of Osama bin Laden? Can any of us take charge of shooting Kasab (who hailed from Pakistan) point blank - now that the whole world knows that Pakistan was certainly sheltering Osama!

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