Shut up Hafiz Saeed!

The dreaded terrorist from Pakistan, Hafiz Saeed, wants Islamabad to take steps to get India declared "a terrorist state" by the United Nations Security Council. He claims that India always resorted to propaganda against Pakistani organisations of spreading terror.

"India tried to involve us in the Mumbai attacks but after a passage of five years, nothing has been established against us in the courts,” he said. Why will anything be proved if the Pakistan government is shielding him? Saeed is the state asset of a country which should soon be declared a terrorist country. With the USD 10 million bounty on his head, Saeed is the founder of the banned Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) militant outfit.

Can India ever forget how the alleged leaders of the LeT trained 10 gunmen who carried out the horrific 2008 Mumbai terror attacks.

Thanks to the hullabaloo caused by our own Sushilkumar Shinde’s remark, the Mumbai attacks mastermind audaciously exploited the Indian Home Minister’s jibe against RSS and BJP.

Shinde had accused the BJP and RSS of running terror camps and indulging in Hindu terror at a time when India’s ties with Pakistan are at a low due to the recent Line of Control tensions. Pakistan has already shown how barbaric it is when its Army troops beheaded two of our soldiers at LoC. The neighbouring country has proved to be completely incapable of finding “hard evidence” against the 26/11 mastermind on the basis of dossiers provided by India so far.

Recall the recent visit of Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik to India. He informed New Delhi that Pakistan had thrice arrested Saeed for his role in the Mumbai terror attacks. But it was after his departure the Shinde debunked the Pakistani minister’s claim and said, "Malik appears to have been misinformed in the matter”.

Shinde told the Rajya Sabha that Malik had offered to provide India "the FIRs and the judgments pertaining to the three occasions when Hafiz Saeed was arrested and let off by courts".

"From the papers given to us, it is clear that the detentions of Hafiz Saeed in the aforesaid cases were for other reasons and not for his role as a conspirator in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks," the Home Minister said.

Pakistan is known for playing deceitful tricks for ulterior motives. The country has been known as a safe haven for terrorists. No wonder Osama bin Laden did not have to live in caves. He was very much residing in Abbottabad, which is also home to the Pakistan Military Academy. Whether Pakistan acts as a savior or deliverer to terrorists is an open secret.

Hafiz Saeed, just stop fooling around. The US drone may catch you soon!


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