Slapgate –Bollywood <i>ishtyle</i>!

Updated: Feb 16, 2012, 11:11 AM IST

A few days ago, Twitter went red hot on Shah Rukh Khan. After the great hullabaloo of ‘Ra.One’ and the disappointment that followed, one did not expect him to trend on twitter for a while, but a sensational drama unfolded and Bollywood got its first hit of the year. <br/><br/>No one can argue that Shah Rukh Khan’s slap to Shirish Kunder robbed the thunder off 2012’s first blockbuster ‘Agneepath’.<br/><br/>The thrilling episode hooked all to the point of a climax end, ensuring a full <i>paisa vasool</i> show. But the thing which struck me was industry’s newly evolving nature to entertain other than through reel.<br/><br/>Was it straight out of the KJo’s emotional potboiler boiling down to that famous line– ‘it’s all about loving your family’? Well, at least that’s how it appeared to me.<br/><br/>What was supposed to be a night of celebration turned into a nightmare for the guests — Shah Rukh Khan and Shirish Kunder. <br/>Sanjay Dutt had hosted a party for the success of ‘Agneepath’ and the do went deadly as the night grew intense. It was alleged that Khan and Kunder got into a heated argument over an old issue, following which SRK thrashed Kunder black and blue! (isn’t that quite an exaggeration)<br/><br/>It was known that all throughout the evening, Kunder kept taking digs at SRK about the disastrous opening of ‘Ra.One’, and after a while SRK couldn’t stand the mockery and slapped Kunder. <br/><br/>Kunder alleged that SRK charged from him from the back with no apparent reason. He said, “Shah Rukh punched and jumped on me. <br/>And he had three bodyguards with him. I don't know what got him. I was numb with shock so I couldn't react. He kept screaming at me, 'What do you think of yourself? I'll see to it that you're out of this.”<br/><br/>Already there were feelers aplenty about SRK’s growing bitterness with Farah Khan, and this incident put a stamp on what was first believed to be just a rumour.<br/><br/>Shocked by what SRK did to her husband, Farah Khan, the superstar’s ex best friend delivered the greatest dialogue of all – “Shah Rukh has always told me that physical abuse is the worst way to sort out a problem, and that it means the person who’s hitting has either a personal or professional crisis going on. It saddens me to see him doing the same.”<br/><br/>The whole world thought there’s more action in the offering as Farah’s statement made it quite apparent that there is more to what meets the eye.<br/><br/>The speculation fueled more so owing to SRK’s extremely dignified persona, which most in the fraternity vouch for. Word started to spread, that King Khan’s sudden outburst was just a reaction to another rumour which hinted at a marital problem due to his growing proximity to Priyanka Chopra.<br/><br/>But all that fuss fell flat when Farah’s brother Sajid Khan made a ‘grand’ entry to straighten up things between the old family friend and his dear <i>jijaji</i>.<br/><br/>The two visited SRK’s home Mannat and amicably resolved the issue once and for all. Interestingly, Farah who once cried foul against SRK gave a media bite – “Nothing ever happened and there is no problem. We cried for over two hours. SRK and Gauri did my <i>kanyadaan</i> and it can’t happen.” <br/><br/>In the whole affair, it was yet again ascertained that fights make the bond stronger. There was drama, action, estrangement, tears, a peace-brokering brother, the good wife, loyal friends… and a true blue kiss-n-makeup ending, Bollywood <i>ishtyle</i>. And yes, it was full <i>paisa vasool</i> for the <i>junta</i>.