Small nation...Small mind!!!

How many times have you killed time by watching a cricket match that your team wasn’t participating in? Plenty as in my case?? I actually use the matches to plan my business strategy, how strange is that?<br/><br/>It goes without saying that my supporting a neutral team is easy when they play Australia as I’ve never forgiven them for their behavior from the last series played against India in Australia. I often end up supporting the “under dog” as it gives me immense pleasure watching them perform. <br/><br/>For years, Sri Lanka was the team I would support in a neutral scenario and as time progressed, as did their cricket, I’ve always had a soft spot for them. Over the years, especially at home, they were almost unbeatable. As times change, a nation’s pride and self awareness changes too and with success, this is multiplied. In the game of cricket, the want of matching Australia seems to be the ultimate goal.<br/><br/>However, whilst watching Randiv bowling a deliberate no ball to Sehwag changed a lot for me. They had finally arrived on a stage to compete with Australia, be it with the wrong characteristics. They say that familiarity breeds contempt and I see that with the India v Sri Lanka series. We’ve played them so many times now that Sri Lanka takes India and it’s juggernaut of wealth that the series provides as granted. Sent into isolation by India would certainly dent their demeanor. <br/><br/>Would they have done that against Australia in Oz?? Don’t be silly. Big fish, small pond scenario again. Beating India is credible but to stoop this low as to deny a century to a class act like Sehwag was a cheap stunt at the best of times but to know that they will ultimately limit this action against India only makes it worse.<br/><br/>Reverting back to my earlier comment on familiarity breeding contempt, I too have noticed that whilst I have made every attempt to be friendly and jovial with my employees, I have learnt from the past to keep a distance in order to keep my respect and authority. I admire the Sri Lankans and I would admire them more if they take this act on against a team that will hit back…I’m thinking Australia..I’m thinking Perth etc.<br/><br/>I once read an article about Nasser Hussain (captain of England at the time) making comments to Sachin Tendulkar and Saurav Ganguly. The swift reply from the Indians was excellent. “Great words Nasser, now we’d like to see you do that to the Aussies!!“ Sums up everything in my book I guess. I’ll respect your bad behavior and call it a sporting choice if you can maintain the same level with all teams…but you show your weakness once you decide to choose your opponent. Good luck Sri Lanka, you will always be a small nation.<br/><br/>For more blogs from the author, log on to: <a href="" target="blank"></a>

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