Stars and their ephemeral charm...

By Harpreet Kaur | Updated: Jul 20, 2013, 13:30 PM IST

Actor Ayushmann Khurrana is claimed to have said that he gets to meet his one-year-old son only once in two months! Reason? Work keeps him extremely tied up. Now that made me wonder if stardom comes with its own set of obligations which one can’t escape.

The ‘Vicky Donor’ star is young, popular and a huge hit among females. He has all what any aspiring actor would dream of achieving. But nothing comes for free, isn’t it?

Bipasha Basu, Preity Zinta, Vivek Oberoi are just a few exemplifications of ‘fading stardom’, if I may say so. They have had their own meaty share of limelight, but have now been out of quality work.

I vividly remember how Mallika Sherawat became an overnight sensation with over 16 lip-locks in her debut film ‘Khwahish’. She made headlines for being a pioneer of sorts for her kinds in the industry – for being overtly bold, outspoken and above all for wearing an ‘I care a damn’ attitude. But the fame she garnered was short-lived. Though she succeeded in creating a base in the United States, her film career in India looks hopelessly bleak.

Following in her footsteps are Sherlyn Chopra and Poonam Pandey. But will these two ladies be able to build a lengthy career graph? I really doubt.

With a block buster film ‘Saathiya’, Vivek Oberoi seemed to be the perfect lover boy in B-town. After making an impressive debut in Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Company’, Vivek Oberoi announced his grand arrival and bagged plump offers. But perhaps destiny had other plans for him!

Blame it on the troubles he asked for himself or wrong movie choices, the actor was soon forgotten. He is sadly remembered as Aishwarya Rai’s ex. All thanks to his naive decision of making his personal life public.

Remember Gracy Singh? The actress, who had a grand debut opposite Aamir Khan in the Oscar nominated film ‘Lagaan’? Despite having worked with industry heavyweights like Sanjay Dutt and AniI Kapoor, Gracy failed to create a niche for herself in the industry. Singh’s performance in movies like ‘Deshdrohi’, ‘Dangerous Ishq’ etc, went unnoticed.

Some stars also tried to make a comeback in order to revive their spark. But Rani Mukherjee’s ‘Aiyya’, Zinta’s ‘Ishq In Paris’ and Karishma Kapoor’s ‘Dangerous Ishq’ have proved that best days are difficult to bring back. Adding to the woes of these actors is fresh talent that crops up every year, giving tough competition to contemporaries.

Doing a blockbuster movie to attain success might be difficult but maintaining the career graph at that stature is where most actors fail. The phenomenon of short lived fame has existed through ages.

Remaining in limelight is the key to keep popularity intact. Once an actor is out of sight, he is out of the audience’s minds too.

And then, not everyone is Amitabh Bachchan.