Sunny Leone - India needs you!

<br/>Lokpal Bill is in Parliament, Mayawati is dividing UP, Indian economy is in doldrums, and petrol is more than pinching the <i>aam admi</i>.<br/><br/>“Goddammit Ajith, what are you upto… we as a nation are yet to solve riddles of great importance? Sunny Leone…err! Are you out of your mind? And that too at a time when an eminent jurist has described your tribe as having not read philosophy, economics and political science,” he asked me.<br/><br/>Mr ‘he’ was me, my so called ‘balanced self’, always righteous, forever trying to be ‘goody goody’ as per the prevalent wisdom.<br/><br/>But I decided: ‘To hell with it’, it’s time to talk some sense…of ‘senses’.<br/><br/>How long do we intend to hide behind the cloak of being ‘cultured’? Here, sex is a taboo, which finds light only in the dark of the night, yet we as a society have no qualms in procreating like rats.<br/><br/>Isn’t it time we moved ahead of the abstract images passed on as ‘sex organs’ in school text books to a more realistic way of portraying procreation?<br/><br/>Enter Sunny Leone aka Karen Malhotra, who describes herself on her profile as ‘Vivid Girl, Indian Adult Film Star’. Named by Maxim as one of the 12 top porn stars in 2010, the Indo-Canadian 30-year-old beauty was also the ‘Penthhouse Pet of the Year 2003’.<br/><br/>She may be a celebrity in her own right but, surely, other than the NRI ‘desi boys’ and the fun loving swish set who travel to Vegas, Amsterdam’s famed sex clubs or nearer home to Pattaya, the concept of a porn star is relatively novel.<br/><br/>It’s not that the ‘obedient’ <i>janta</i> have not heard of porn stars or seen them in action – Pappu’s CD library <i>zindabad</i>! However, it is probably the first time that a ‘porn star’ has entered our drawing rooms the way this Punjabi kudi has managed.<br/><br/>She has crashed on to our couch, many want to watch ‘Bigg Boss’ and many+1000 want to see her in ‘action’, but nobody wants to talk about it. <br/><br/>Yes we have moved ahead from the days when ‘chirping birds’ or ‘lights out’ were sufficient to titillate our senses - we had great imaginative powers then – to the more ‘open’ Vidya Balan’s Ooh La La.<br/><br/>For those who believe the new benchmark set by Vidya Balan, about what all is palatable for popular cinema, is the final holy line, let there be no doubt the envelope would be pushed further…further till Sunny Leone.<br/><br/>In today’s Google-powered age, nothing is left for imagination and it’s time we as a society accept the new reality.<br/><br/>More importantly, an ‘acchi ladki’ like Vidya has now no qualms about allowing a peep of her cleavage or treating the ‘inclined’ to a saucy hip shake and what acts as a multiplier, when it comes to its impact on the society, are the promos that run on most channels 24X7.<br/><br/>Undoubtedly, her acts act as an aphrodisiac to the testosterone packed ‘deprived’ youth but in reality, ‘Ooh La La’ does more harm than good.<br/><br/>The lust for the unknown is surely more dangerous than the known and that’s why it’s time to welcome Sunny Leone; India needs you.<br/><br/>Sunny is ‘OPEN’ unlike ‘open’ Vidya…Sunny is a ‘buri ladki’ but as with everything else in the times we live in, there is nothing which is black or white in absolute terms, it is grey and the lights are ‘ON’ this time.

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