Tandoori Night at Tharoors

By Dilip Cherian | Updated: Mar 15, 2011, 17:58 PM IST

Ten kilos of hand-cooked rogan josh has run out, was the refrain that rent the cool of the night air at Shashi Tharoor’s 55th birthday party. And indeed it had. The select ‘throng’ had eaten well, it seemed. And a lawn aglow with Delhi’s power elite and the mandatory sprinkling of B-town boys were not quite sated, it seemed. Whether it was Tharoor’s personal popularity that drew them in or his Kashmiri wife Sunanda’s now widely commented on culinary skills, whatever the reason, it was clear that this was a big night. <br><br>

Despite Tharoor sharing his birthday with the likes of heavyweight Karan Singh and legal beagle Soli Sorabjee and even the networked Naveen Jindal, his Lodhi Road manicured lawns was the place to be that evening. <br><br>

A harbinger of Kerala election results to come or just very reliable power connections at play? And for those wondering whether Sunanda’s exciting next move (culinary-oriented of course) will be politically correct or not, keep watching this space. Remember you read this here first! <br><br>

They say it takes an entire village to raise a child, but it seems it indeed has taken an entire village to get rid of an erroneously chosen the Chief Vigilance Commissioner, even after his summary execution by the Supreme Court. With President Pratibha Patil stepping in and P.J. Thomas no longer needing to bow out, some think that the saga has ended. But it obviously hasn’t. <br><br>

Though Manmohan may have wrung his hands in a mea culpa moment, there is a blame game that is still actively on. Perhaps a scalp is what the system needs to atone for the gross idiocy of the entire episode. To make matters worse Thomas refuses to lie down and play dead. His heading for a review at the Supreme Court will open up more secrets, we are sure.
Meanwhile, Tweet wars between Sushma Swaraj and her party aside, and secret confabulations in Nagpur on the issue notwithstanding, the worry in Congress circles is that the CVC is not the only issue that won’t go away. The 2G millstone will get the klieg-lights on it once the JPC hearings begin in the next fortnight, so the Congress has its hands full, juggling some rather bum balls. What’s worse is that some more issues that seemed to have passed by, threaten still to come back to life even as we speak.
<i>Dilip Cherian is a senior journalist and former editor of Business India. Best found: dilipthecherian@twitter.com</i>