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Technology robbed me!

By Sudeshna Guha Roy | Last Updated: Monday, November 9, 2009 - 13:30
Sudeshna Guha Roy

Technical progress is something which we all relish! Over all these years, we have been enjoying all the advancements that we have had; my heartiest appreciation to all the scientists and researchers all around the world who, have strived so hard for decades to make our lives so easy, so hassle-free and so comfortable.

Thank You! :-)

Today, given the kind of technology I live with, I am capable of doing all my work within minutes! Everything can be done so promptly, so fast, that I do double the amount of work I used to before.

I am thankful to all those who have worked their entire lives, just to give us a better lifestyle. But again, there is something that seems to be missing. With no offense to anyone, I feel that technology has robbed me! Robbed me of something which had been so vital in my life until a few years back!

I have my cell phone today, which is an integral part of my life. I can hardly imagine a day without that small mini-device! What if my parents want to call me when I am on my way to office? How would I know the direction to a friend’s place I would be visiting for the first time if I am not constantly in touch with him/her on the phone? I would be stranded… whooaa… Scary! It is so easy to talk to anyone I want with just a touch of a button. It is a life-saver in certain situations, trust me!

But, this technical device has deprived me of the fun of carrying my small personal telephone directory! I don’t remember any of my friends’ phone numbers, I don’t even need to as it is already stored in my phone-book.

I do not feel the need to wear a watch today; my mobile displays it on the screen along with the date!

I have my computer where I do all my work. This article too was ‘typed’ on MS Office Word Document. I today have a great typing speed, but unfortunately today, I have forgotten how to handwrite.

I have forgotten how my handwriting looks like. Not boasting about my self, but I had a good handwriting in school… Ya… truly, I had! But today, I hardly hold a pen to write anything. The technical innovation known as the computer has robbed me of the fun of keeping a dairy, where at a certain point of time I used to ‘pen’ down my thoughts… Today, I ‘type’ down my emotions on a ‘Word Doc’ if I feel the need.

I no longer remember spellings of difficult words; again the ‘Word Doc’ spoon-feeds me every time I make an error, thanks to the ‘auto-correct’ option. The ‘synonyms’ option has also led to one more fact, that I no longer use my dictionary!

I do not go out and play, the way I used to when I was in school! But mind you people, I STILL PLAY GAMES! Computer games of course… Today I might not be a champion in Kho-Kho or Badminton (I am not even that fit to be one), but I am definitely a Champion in ‘FARM-VILLE’, a game on Facebook (a social-networking site) that helps to build my own farm. I may not earn medals today for my sporting success, but I am surely earning a lot many points on other computer games of which I am an addict now!

So again, the computer has robbed me of the fun of going out with friends on a sunny afternoon to play Kho-Kho or Badminton! It has robbed me of the pleasure of sweating the hell out, playing late into the night, and getting scolded by my mom.

Today, I receive plenty of e-mails in my mailbox. But I have not received a single letter in the past many years.

The Internet has helped to write long emails to my friends and distant relatives, which would reach them in just a few seconds. But, it has robbed of the fun of reading 5-6 pages long letters sent to me by my friend when she left school in 11th standard.

Today, I know all my friends’ email addresses, but ask me of their postal addresses and you are sure to find me dumbstruck.

The computer has also robbed me yet another thing; Photo Albums! My Photo albums are no longer ‘kept’ on the ‘upper shelf’ of my ‘almirah’, but they are now ‘stored’ in ‘folders’ in the ‘D drive’ of my PC.

A couple of days ago, I bundled all my cassettes and threw them away because I no longer have a cassette player in my home. I looked at those cassettes and remembered how excited I was to have my copy of ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’, an ardent fan of Hrithik Roshan as I am!

Technology has made our lives easier and less-cumbersome, it surely has! But yes, amid this advancement, I do miss a couple of small-small things which held a great value in my life at a certain point of time!

First Published: Monday, November 9, 2009 - 13:30

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