Temper temper the Salman Khurshid rage

Salman Khurshid was funny. Unfortunately it was unintentional. Similar to the Congress party`s profoundly funny and loyal defence of private citizen Robert Vadra.

When the ruling party becomes a matter of unintended hilarity, there is clearly a problem.

You felt pity for Khurshid going on about being feted at the high table at Oxford now being forced to defend himself to the hoi polloi. And, when his wife former journalist Louise Khurshid wagged her fingers at the media and screamed "you behave yourself" well it was telling.

But, when invective and abuse become substitute for explanations, a politician has lost the battle.

And, anger really is not a politician`s best friend. For one it seems to smack of arrogance and smugness and in these mango people times, privilege entrenched since the dreaming spires of Oxford, is to be mocked at.

So while the IIT educated Kejriwal does not brandish his degree like a prize and is content to be a dhartiputra, Khurshid and the Congress party make you laugh.

The congress has so clearly lost the plot that screaming "shut up" while defending the kleptocrats who now seem to have a business process outsource in the hallowed precincts of 10 Janpath is hilarious.

And, this daily riveting prime time comedy only descends to farce when we see the grubby opposition equally adrift on their giant ego balloons.

Is this really the politics we deserve? But, hey why think enjoy the show.