The Art of Living!

By Mekhla Singh | Updated: Apr 28, 2013, 14:47 PM IST

Whenever I sit down to think about the way my life has turned out to be, I wonder if I could have done things differently and whether I could have been entirely not what I am today. But sadly, every time I wind up my thought process and get back to “work”, I end up thanking God for what and who I am and wish to be born just the same in all my lives – if there is any truth behind the whole rebirth thing.

Life – one of the best gifts given to us by God – is one such thing which comes as easily as breathing to all of us, yet we fail to understand it miserably. We humans – the most supreme species on the earth – may do everything right, but there’s one thing we do wrong all the time – living life.

We live in the hope that there’s always a tomorrow to make things right and finish all your pending work later – “Oh I love her/him but I’ll ask her/him out tomorrow”. Really? How are you so sure that you will have a tomorrow? Why leave things pending for a tomorrow or the day after? Just go ahead and get over with it.

Leave aside delaying work, blaming karma for every bad thing that happens comes very easily to almost all of us. You get hit by a bus – it’s because of some bad deed from a past life, you fail in an exam – it is bad karma, your house gets robbed – you probably owed the thief something from your past life. Why blame everything on something – past life – of which nobody has any proof?

No matter what research says about life after death and rebirth, nobody knows the truth behind all this jibber-jabber. All of us undoubtedly hold a Doctorate in one thing – complicating extremely simple things. Life is not as hard and complicated as everybody says it is. Walk carefully – you won’t get hit by the bus, study hard – you’ll pass the exam with flying colours, lock your house properly – the thief won’t come to claim anything from his past life.

Next comes using our intellectual abilities in a completely undesirable direction – bad mouthing other people and being overly suspicious about things that probably don’t even exist in the first place. If somebody is looking at us, it “obviously” means they’re saying something bad about us... well can’t they be admiring you or saying something you can’t even imagine? Or simply staring into blank space? No, not really... because every time somebody looks at you, you suddenly have an adrenaline rush to go and break that person’s face and then hold a grudge against them for a lifetime.

Well... the matter of the fact is that those people – the very sight of whom sets your blood boiling - don’t even know what’s going on in your head and are busy enjoying their life. On the other hand, you are the one who’s missing out on all the fun that life has in store for you and are wasting every single precious moment.

Before I forget about this next one, let me just talk about it. Humans have been endowed with a gift that no other species in the entire universe has – the gift of the gab – yet we don’t find it necessary to clear any miscommunications: for most of the time, we are scared of making the first move. Here comes the time for a serious reality check – the other person probably is thinking the same – and if both of you behave like kids and don’t talk about it, you’ll probably end up losing each other. Get up, muster up the courage to clear the air and trust me, making the first move gives you more satisfaction – it’s tried and tested.

You might be wondering what’s new in all I just said... well nothing, nothing at all... but even after knowing all these things so well, why do we end up ruining our lives by making stupid little mistakes and then having a little bit too much attitude that stops up from making amends? Wake up, my friends, before it gets too late and you realise that you have completely wasted your lives doing the exact opposite of what you should have done.

The best mantra for living life is instilled in us since our childhood, but somehow in the process of growing up, we forget that every moment counts. The constant fear of sounding or looking stupid that haunts us 24x7 is just in our minds. Step up, make a move, say what you really feel and what you actually mean, do what your heart tells you to even if it’s just too immature for you.

This life, my friend, is too precious to be wasted thinking about things that don’t matter and worrying about your future. Live in the present and make the most of it because some wise person had once said, “Add life to years and not years to life”.