The fall of Man-mohan

Updated: Feb 10, 2012, 16:19 PM IST

As the UPA government lurches from crisis even opponents will be worried about the institutional damage to a vibrant democracy. The latest blow is from the fact that the Army chief's age row got dragged to the SC in the first place. And, what led to this dangerous face-off between two essential institutions?
A singular and utter failure in decision all along. Nature power abhors a vacuum and the Supreme Court has been forced to step in time and again, as the UPA government abdicates all authority and decision making to stay in office.
Let me set it out squarely to you, this weak government has ensured with its below par decision making that the vital power of the executive is getting whittled away. And, despite the complete and utter failure of leadership, checks and balances are vital for all institutions. While, I cast no aspersions on the Supreme Court, which is second to none in ensuring a repeatedly erring executive is brought to heel, do we really want an India run by judicial fiats?
Whether it is the Adarsh scam, the CVC issue with tainted Thomas, the latest cancellation of 122 licences and guidelines issued for use of natural resources and the sanctity of auctions, a prostrate government is running away from exercising its authority. And, a government that does not have the will to power has no right to exist.
The fall of Manmohan Singh has been so sharp that it seems that he will bargain away anything, ATM ministries to rapacious allies, Mamta Banerjee's blackmail on FDI, Sonia and Rahul Gandhi's dole economics which is beggaring India, no traction on much needed reforms such as labour laws which has seen our economic growth sputter and die. <br><br>

What is the point of being in office if you cannot govern? <br><br>

And, with it's silly egoistical face-offs with real and imaginary foes which the gamut from the Army chief to Anna Hazare, and incredibly even someone as ridiculous as Baba Ramdev before whom the government prostrated before discovering a bleated spine, you wonder who is actually in charge? <br><br>

Where the does the buck stop? And, is someone actually minding the store, when you have twits manning the PMO twitter saying that the PMO is at fault, but the court has exonerated the PM. Oh really, this preposterous separation would be laughable if it was not tragic for the country. <br><br>

From quoting Hugo when he said while presenting his visionary budget "no power on earth can stop an idea whose time has come", it’s time Dr Manmohan Singh called a halt to the tragedy that is the lack of leadership in the UPA.

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