The metamorphosis of Bollywood wives

Updated: Nov 12, 2010, 10:45 AM IST

From docile, camera-shy, submissive and quiet to savvy, elegant and a media darling, as she poses confidently for the lens, Bollywood wives have surely come a long way. Gone are the days when she would sit at home tending to boring household chores and grooming the kids while her husband made merry in the company of beautiful, glamorous women. For now, B-town wives have taken on a new role, where they keep pace and are sometimes even ahead of their extrovert husbands.<br/><br/>Shedding the atypical image of a homemaker, B-town star wives are now smart, intelligent and frank enough to criticize their husbands’ sloppy performance in public. Sure she is still his best public relation officer, but she makes sure she doesn’t come across as a love-struck bimbo in the process. She carefully crafts her public image and makes sure that her man, under no circumstances, takes her for granted. <br/><br/>She is proactive and in-sync with her man’s whereabouts and takes no pains to hide her displeasure at any meaningless gossip. A clear sign for tabloids that any baseless rumour might earn them a legal whip, for Bollywood’s first wives are no longer willing to accept gossip about their husband’s infidelity with a pinch of salt. <br/><br/>And if anything, these ladies aren’t averse to the idea of kicking their man out, no matter what demigod status he might enjoy beyond the confines of his home. <br/><br/>Take the likes of Gauri Khan, Susanne Roshan, Twinkle Khanna, Jaya Bachchan, Maria Goretti and Kiran Rao. All these ladies are married to leading industry honchos, yet they stand firm and strong on their ground as they have given an all new meaning to being a superstar’s wife.<br/><br/>Taking lead among these Bollywood first ladies is none other than King Khan’s wife Gauri. Be it her trademark cynicism or her indifference for the blanket of fame and clout of stardom that surrounds her husband SRK, Gauri has always spoken her mind. <br/> <br/>So much so that in an industry where even SRK’s worst performances are met with soft and hush-hush bashing, Gauri has blatantly slammed his career blunders on public forums like ‘Kofee with Karan’, giving ample proof that King Khan’s worst critic is his better half.<br/><br/>And following her closely is yet another lissome stunner, Susanne Roshan, who has matured from a love-struck bride to a bold wife. With a Greek-god lookalike Hrithik for a husband, married life hasn’t been a smooth sail for Susanne. Her tussle with Barbara Mori once again affirmed that the Gen-X superstar wife can turn into a ferocious tigress from a timid feline to fight any bombshell who-so-ever.<br/><br/>Not only did Susanne walk out on Hrithik, she apparently laid down staunch conditions for her return to the Roshan abode. The charismatic diva made it pertinent for Hrithik to go public and deny all reports that suggested a romantic alliance between him and Barbara. <br/><br/>Much like Twinkle Khanna, who was at one point so fed-up reacting to gossip about her man Akshay Kumar’s womanising ways, that she showed him the door. Filmdom went abuzz with reports that Twinkle had kicked the Khiladi out, forcing him to spend several days at an upscale hotel. Now however, the much tamed superstar has no qualms in admitting that it’s his wife Twinkle who calls the shots at home and keeps him grounded. <br/><br/>Kudos to these ladies for changing age old patterns and ways of filmdom, which saw a superstar’s wife as nothing but a glitzy accessory.<br/>