The Power of Thought

It is a seed that holds in it the possibility of the infinite. An infant idea that can germinate into a movement. A proposition that has the power to sweep the world and change the way we dream and live. <br><br>
Thought is the greatest power at the disposal of man, as well as the most potent weapon. It can cause his ascendancy to the zenith or lead to his abysmal downfall to the nadir. <br><br>
As faith can move mountains, a compelling thought can change the course of history. <br><br>
Thought is the predecessor of all action. It is the fountain of all creativity. And cause of all progression. <br><br>
If in the cold, rainy planes of Britain, the desire to accumulate wealth and make a Brown race subservient launched a hundred voyages, then a righteous thought led a Gandhi to initiate a non-violent Satyagraha with steely determination. And when the last ships carrying the British rulers left our shores, we bid them goodbye not as enemies but as friends. That was the nobility of the thought of the Indian freedom movement. <br><br>
It was the same thought which empowered that lone student to take on the Chinese Communist Establishment at Tiananmen Square. His dogged resolution forced military tanks to deliberately duck him. <br><br>
If enslavement was the brainchild of parochial minds who believed in White supremacy, then an Abolitionist John Brown thought it worthwhile to choose the noose but electrify the United States with the idea of equality. It was the greatness of his thought that made him sacrifice even his life. <br><br>
The swathes of mankind at Ramlila Grounds today are a testimony to a thought that is passionate to bring change. And help India break free from a system that has been shackled by red tape and greed. <br><br>
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