The real actor

Updated: Oct 17, 2010, 13:03 PM IST

‘Sannate ko cheerti hui sansani’…an anchor, with a dark beard, literally screams in a late night programme on a news channel’s crime bulletin. <br/><br/>Another announcer of one news channel ‘shouts’, “Gaur se dekhiye ish tasvir ko...”. <br/><br/>Such phrases are not scarce. One could make a list of such “over-emphasized”, masaledar statements directed deliberately to arouse viewers’ attention. <br/><br/>Such is the narration that one feels it difficult even to change the channel, as if he were bewitched. <br/><br/>Such is the emphasis on “narrations” to get eye-balls that not only crime programmes, but entertainment and prime-time news bulletins too are built around the “expression of the anchor”. <br/><br/>To put it in a nut shell, whether you are sounding sensible or not, you must deliver it “properly” – that is now the watch word of editors. Do not confuse the word “properly” with anything but “acting” here. <br/><br/>But isn’t it necessary for them to act in order to sell news which may really not be news but pure fiction or exaggeration? <br/><br/>Of course it is. I am, anyway, not going into the legitimacy of what they are doing. Here in fact I am “commending” them for their creative ability! <br/><br/>Now, let’s jump to the world of politics – another old and not-so-noble profession, at least in the eyes of those it claims to serve – the people. <br/><br/>Our politicians, I think, are one of the biggest entertainers. Lalu Yadav, Amar Singh, Raj Thackeray, to name a few, have done every single act a la what our heroes and heroines pull-off on-screen. <br/><br/>They indulge in nerve-jangling stunts- throwing chairs, mikes, tables- fight without body doubles- kick, slap each other, threaten, using vulgar epithets like Ajay Devgn in ‘Omkara’ and thus pout on a show superbly well by fooling voters successfully every five years or so. <br/><br/>My brother likes to watch Lok Sabha TV when the house is in session over my favourite movies channel, and I have realized why. It is the best reality TV there is. <br/><br/>“Political leaders everywhere have come to understand that to govern they must learn how to act,” Arthur Miller, one of the greatest dramatists of the twentieth century, once said. <br/><br/>Be it Sarah Palin’s cleavage-exposing posters or Barack Obama’s fiery speeches read out from a teleprompter, or our own leaders who have found political salvation in visiting Dalit houses (though they may have five star meals inside it)- there are enough examples to substantiate Miller’s claim. <br/><br/>Talking about our cricketers, they fight too (remember the Harbhajan-Sreesanth episode), they act (I need not to remember the unending commercials on TV) and they have a long list of fans too. <br/><br/>Alas, they can’t sometimes play! <br/><br/>I need not elaborate about actors though. They are supposed to act and like the ills of every profession, actors too don’t do what they are supposed to do well – ACT!

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